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A World Rewritten (preview)

November 5, 2010
By Mizu-chan GOLD, Sedro Woolley, Washington
Mizu-chan GOLD, Sedro Woolley, Washington
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You truly can't judge a book by its cover.

[Interesting... These pink creatures are so pitiful... And yet they are striving so hard to get ahead of all the beasts around them...]
[Perhaps we should intervene... they could destroy themselves.].
[They will..]
[But with our help, they may survive..]
[And overrun their planet..]
[Still, it will be interesting to observe them..]
[Very well.. We shall assist.. Rhah, hover above that colony there, in that desert wasteland.]
[You, Mau'at, Amnun, and myself shall observe these ones.]
[As you command, Horhuhus.]

People gasped and pointed to the sky, muttering gibberish as a golden-glowing pod lowered beneath the clouds.

[They seem to be fascinated with us as well, Rhah.]
[You appear correct, Horhuhus... Do you suppose it would be safe to show ourselves?]
[I shall go. ]
[Be cautious, Rhah.]

A being with an oddly head stepped out, a golden collar laid around his neck. He held in his hand was a long, thin staff, the bottom bearing spikes. Two blue, thick tentacles rested on his shoulders, a third large one protruding from the back of his head. On his wrists and upper arms bore blue bands that shined. His skin was dark, varying greatly from his blue and white face. His mouth was extended and curved, like a bird's beak. The top jaw was blue, and blended into the large tentacle on his head. The bottom jaw was pure white. His eyes were large and entirely, aside from a dark blue pupil, that took up most of the eyes. Around his waist was a golden belt with glowing lights and gems, colored blue, red, and green, with a bright yellow one in the front of the belt. Attached to it was a golden and white cloth that was formed like a skirt, and went to his knees. The gold seemed to have been weaved of pure gold itself. His ankles, like his wrists, bore blue bands. Extending from his rear was a very thin tail that widened and turned blue, then gold.
People backed away, whispering in an unfamiliar language. They seemed intimidated now.

[Do not fear me. I shall not harm you.]

The people looked around in confusion. A young man approached, wielding little more than a stick. “Who are you!?” the man yelled, his words translating automatically to the strange creature.

[It seems you do not understand me..Very well, I shall scan your brain and absorb your language..]

The strange being reached a hand, clutching a strange object that looked like a cross with a loop on top, and touched the young man's forehead. He froze for a moment, stunned. After the being pulled his hand away, the boy passed out. Two other men caught him by the arms, fanning him while looking up at the bird-headed man.
“My name is Rhah. I do not mean you harm.”
A woman hugged her child close, and Rhah stepped toward them, looking down at the child.
“Do not fear me, child.” he said, putting a hand out.
The young girl shook in fear, but looked at his hand. Hesitantly, she placed her hand in his. His lips pulled back, appearing to form a smile.

The author's comments:
This is a preview for one of my new books, which was inspired by a show on History Channel. See if you can guess who these aliens are, and where this preview takes place.

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