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Alduin's Vengeance

May 19, 2013
By MotivatedInk GOLD, Columbia, South Carolina
MotivatedInk GOLD, Columbia, South Carolina
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Finally. I made it. I made it to the Throat of the World. Those pestering priests were bothering me about why go up here in the first place. We all knew that Parthunaax was dead. I had to tell them that I wanted to pay my respects and to meditate on certain Dragon Shouts. With much hesitation, he finally let me go, warning me about the impending dangers and the harsh winds on the path. I knew that already. I had travelled the path before when I wanted to visit the dragon or just collect never-melting snow. Now I travel for a different purpose. I had known about the harsh winds and how to get through them. But this night the wind seems harsher. Maybe it’s because it is the middle of winter. Or maybe it is the treasure I hold. The bones I carry. The bones of Alduin .
Legend says that after his defeat by another Dragon and the high-valored heroes Golmaith, Hakon, and Feldir, the warriors of Sovngarde tossed his remains in the deepest, darkest pit they could find on Earth that is so dangerous, no mortal has ever dared to attempt to go in and dig him out again. They named the place Death’s-Shame Barrow. A message to all evil that good will always prevail. But they didn’t take in account of a Dark Elf with mastered Necromancy skills making such an attempt. And she came out very successful.
Now I am walking the remaining path with what would have been glorious in my hands. My people have suffered much oppression for a long time by those heathen Nords and Bretons. Our malevolent appearance and who we exalt should not affect our capabilities to work and prosper like everyone else. It is not fair! Those simple-minded mammoths talk of what harm we could do to them. We have tried to reason and express friendly feelings. But do they acknowledge? They either see or hear. And nor do they care. We have been called dirt, and some believe that is all we are. But Alduin can change all of that. Terror will reign when he flies into the sky. Never again will they spit and look down at us. Never again will their hatred hinder us. He will bring those mongrels to their knees and make them beg for mercy. And we will give none.
My mind was so wrapped around my thoughts of the coming future, that I did not see the snow bear growling in front of me. It lunged for me with a snarl. I thrust my hand forward and shot an ice spike in its eye. It fell dead before me.
“Petty annoyance” I say, and press on. The winds lessen the higher I climb. But it still cuts through my skin into my bones, even with ice-wolf furs under my Necromancer robes. Soon I come upon the snowy clearing where Parthunaax would always wait. I respected his wisdom, but hated his weakness. He told me once that he left Alduin’s side because his plan to destroy the world was one he could not follow through. In my mind I called him a coward. Men were meant to rule and be ruled. Now that he is dead, I can say that freely. “Men were meant to rule and be ruled!” I shouted at the top of my lungs. The wind took my words and carried them throughout Skyrim. Let them know what’s coming.
I settled the remains in a nest of rocks to keep them from blowing away and pulled out my spell book. I also pulled out three Blue Mountain flowers, two charred Skeever hides, some hanging moss, three Juniper berries, three creep clusters, a bushel of Tundra cotton, and three Briar hearts. Bringing back a dragon took a lot of health and Magicka ingredients. Finally, I took out a small pot I had squeezed into my satchel. Using the never-melting snow, I started a small fire using a Flame spell. I took out all my ingredients, put the snow that could melt into the pot, melted it, and put the ingredients back in to boil. My hands trembled with excitement as I pour the purple liquid over the bones. Alduin will return with good health and some Magicka to start him off. The rest he will get when he devours his victims. After all the contents were poured out, I grabbed my spell and flipped to the page marked “Alduin’s Resurrection”. I stood up, cleared my throat, and loudly spoke the words:
Power in Life. Power in Death
I call you now to rise.
Flap thine wings, belch thine roar.
Master the skies.
The ground suddenly began to tremble under my voice. The potion over the bones began to glow. Adrenaline began coursing through my veins. I allowed a small sigh of excitement at what was going on. It’s working. It was actually working! But it was only the beginning; I had to continue.
O, great World-Eater.
Hear my cry.
I command of you.
To rise up and fly.
Make your enemies suffer
Fill them with fright.
Regain your glory.
This very night!
Harder and harder the ground shook. The bones rattled and glowed brighter and brighter until a ray shot up to the sky. It was so bright and powerful that it knocked me to the ground. I shielded my eyes before I went blind by such magnificence. I can imagine the dragon priests awakening from their slumber by the Throat of the World this second. When it was over, it was as if the magic sucked all sound from the atmosphere. It was as silent as death. The only sound I could hear was my heart beat pounding.
When I removed my arm, I saw a black heap over where the bones used to lay. I hated every move I made trying to stand up; it sounded as if the tiniest shuffle was now a giant foot stomping the ground. Suddenly, the heap stirred. I froze on one knee. A low growling that rattled my bones came from the heap as it moved. I could make out the arch of its back, the wings, and the giant talons. Then it turned its head. Its eyes were red as blood and stared at me with a gaze like fire. When it opened its mouth, its teeth twinkled in the full moon’s light and were sharper than daggers…..and there were many of them.
“Who are you?” its voice was a guttural noise. Deprived of the power and prowess I was expected. I was hesitant to answer. “Speak!” it growled. I stood up fully, folded my arms, and sniffed.
“Who are you to learn the name of a Necromancer?” I asked. The dragon snarled at me. I held my ground. He will have to prove his worth if we’re to make any progress. I know this is no way to make an impression on the World-Eater, but what if this was some other dragon that happened to be buried in the most sacred cave in Skyrim? I need to know that my hard work is not in vain.
“Do you know who you speak to witch?” the dragon snarled at me again, this time inching closer.
“I speak to a dragon,” I said smartly, “now which dragon, I know not. Perhaps you can tell me”. I could tell that I was agitating him. Good, then maybe he’ll give in to me. I will not let this dragon think he is terrifying, at least by himself. To my surprise, the dragon begins chuckling. I have disrespected a dragon, the most powerful creatures on Earth, and it’s laughing at me. Now I’m getting agitated. And he sees that. He may have figured out the game I am attempting to play. He shifts closer to me until his nose is mere inches from my face. His breath is hot and suffocating.
“You are either bold or foolish,” he says, “but you are unwavering. It is an amusing, but a respectable nature of a mortal. You are Dark Elf. You are used to the grotesque and darkness, so my current appearance does not phase you”. He exhales deeply, blowing my hair back and choking my lungs. “You must have summoned me” he says finally. I nod furiously. Finally, we’re skipping the pleasantries and getting to the point. The dragon sits upright and looks down at me. “I am Alduin” he says.
“I know” I tell him.
“Then you know what I am capable of”
“It’s why I called upon you”
“What would the likes of you need me for?”
“Destruction of the Nordic race”.
He raises an eyebrow. “What a task,” he says, “and you expect me to help you”.
“I brought you back. You owe it to me” I say.
“Foolish wench, I owe nothing to noone”
“Then I will turn you back to ashes” I yell at him. Alduin’s nose twitches. He shakes his head, chuckling some more. “A Dark Elf is threatening me. Mortals have become braver since my death.” He looks past the mountain out into the dark, cold air. He must be thinking. I fold my arms and shiver against the cold. I wonder how warm it is underneath his wing. Finally he looks back down at me. “Alright, I will make a deal with you. There was a certain Dragonborn that was responsible for my death. She, a living mortal, struck me down in Sovngarde. I cannot think of anything more embarrassing and disgusting than that. I know she is still alive; I can sense her energy. Help me find her and crush her very being, then I will do the same for you. Understood?”
I can’t believe this is actually happening! I have brought back Alduin, the World-Eater, from the dead and he is going to help me rule over my enemies. The realization of it all melts the cold inside me. I look up to him feeling ten feet taller. “She’s as good as dead” I say, my voice much stronger. With that, Alduin finally stands and unfolds his wings. His stature is obviously weak, but he looks monstrous like a creature should be. He throws back his head and roars and mighty roar. I throw back my and scream with him. Oh yes! Carry our voices out onto the wind. Let them know. Let all of Skyrim know what’s coming to them.

The author's comments:
Inspired by the video game Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. Hope you enjoy it, especially Skyrim fans!

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on Dec. 18 2019 at 11:14 am
SolInvictus76, Leavenworth, Indiana
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I hope she knows she could have just fast traveled to the Throat of The World!

on Dec. 18 2019 at 11:09 am
SolInvictus76, Leavenworth, Indiana
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As soon as I saw the title I knew it was gonna be good!

on Jan. 15 2014 at 8:35 am
Tara_Bites SILVER, La Porte, Texas
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I love you!!!! I play so much Skyrim these days!!! It was really good!!!