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Bones: The Guard On The Roof

June 29, 2010
By RavenBird SILVER, Battle Ground, Washington
RavenBird SILVER, Battle Ground, Washington
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"Spock! Come in! Do you read?"

Kathryin laughs. "I haven’t seen this one in so long-"

"shh!" Zack interupts. They both were sitting on Zack's couch, watchin a very old episode of Star Trek. It was getting late, the waning crecent moon high in the sky.

"Jeez, Zack..."
"No, Listen." Zack mutes his televison as they both strain to hear the mysterious noise.

Thump. Thump thump thump...

"There's someone on the roof," Kathryin whispered. "I'll call Jack."
"I'll call security." Zack was getting worried. What if this person was here to hurt them?
Kathryin started digging in her purse for her cell phone and Zack dashed for his, when they heard the muffled crash and crack of something on the roof. Zack recognised the sound.
"Bones!" Zack cried, turning his attention to the stairs that lead up to the roof. "There's a body on the roof."
"You sure?" Kathryin breathed heavily.

Without thinking, Kathryin started towards the stairs.
"Come on, Zack."
"But... Kassie, he could still be up there, he could be dangerous."


"Zack... I think he's gone. Let's check it out."

Zack sighs, pursed his lips and darted up the stairs after her.

At the top of the stairs, Kathryin put her hand on the old door knob. Shakily, she opened the door.

The building, about five times the length and two times the width of the standard suburban garage, had two stories, the upper story half the size of the lower story. The stairs went all the way down to the first floor, where all of the Hodgins' cars were kept.

Nothing seemed out of place. There was Zack's telescope, the set of three chairs and a table that Zack, Jack and Kathryin would often sit, talk and eat at together in the summer. Over the ledge wall that went around the upper rooftop was a perfect view of both Kathryin and Jack's houses, separated by a thick of evergreens.

Zack nudged Kathryin foreward and peered around the right corner fo the (thingthingything). Seeing nothing, he said, "It could have been security..." His voice trailled off when he turned around and noticed Kathryin was gone.
"Kassie?!" he called, panicking.
"It's okay, Zack." she said, poking her head out from the other side of the (thingythingthing) "For us, anyway..."
Zack joined her, and wasn't shocked to see what he saw.
"We should call Booth." Zack said, for there lay a garbage bag of bones.
Seeley Booth arrived at the scene about an hour later. FBI forensics was printing the black metal ladder that went down to the ground. He saw Kathryin Hodgins and Zack Addy, sitting on really nice wooden chairs around a table. Kathryin had her eyes half closed and she was leaning back in the chair, and Zack's head was in his hands, his elbows resting on a table that matched the chairs.
Poor kids, thought Booth. they must be exausted. He saw Jack, yelling at an FBI, naturally. When Jack caught sight of Booth, he briskly walked over towards him.
"Your... people better leave Zack and my sister alone."
"Calm down, Hodge. You know how it goes. They have to answer our questions, i'm sure they want to help."
"They're exausted and your FBI's wont let them be! What do they want?"
"Everyone else here is just as tired. Listen, I'll question them myself! It'll be fine, just... go sit down."

Grumbling, Hodgins sat down next to his sister. Then Booth turned his attention to the body. Brennan was already looking at it.
"The bones are all... mixed up in this bag..."
"Of course they are mixed up! They're in a bag!"
"Booth, if the victim was killed and put in the bag right afterwards, they would still be in at least somewhat correct order. These are completely random."
"So this person was buried somewhere first, then decomposed, then dug up and put in this bag. That would also explain the dirt in here. I have to take this all back to the lab for further analysis."

"You do that, Bones..." Booth looks troubled. He leans down to where Temperance is kneeling.
"You don't think..." Booth started.
"No. There is no doubt in my mind that neither Zack, Kathryin or Hodgins did this."
"Hopefully FBI forensics can exclude them. Either way, can they still work on this case?"
"I don't know, isn’t that what they're trying to find out, by dusting that ladder for their prints?"
"Yeah, if their prints are on it they're still suspects. Zack and Kathryin told me that they've never used it, so their prints shouldn't be on it at all."
"Good. I'm going to take this back to the lab, you should talk to them..." She headed off, placing the bag of bones on a stretcher to be carried out of the area.

Approaching the table where Zack, Kathryin and Hodgins were sitting, Seeley hears the trio in conversation.

"Don't, tell, them, anything," stressed Hodgins.
"We just can't do that to Booth! We have to tell him what happened. He'll trust us."
"But the FBI won't! Booth will, his bosses won't! Never trust the-"
"FBI, we know," finished Zack.
"Jack, you don't trust anything that has secrets."
Then Booth decided to step in.
"FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth, I'm here to ask you some questions." Booth said nonchalantly, then grinned. Kathryin laughed lightly, but it was obviously a little forced, Zack smiled nervously. "You know it took me like ten minutes, just to get up the driveway?" Booth said, laughing. "And I thought this was supposed to be a garage! This is huge!"
"Technically, it's both a garage and an apartment..." corrected Zack.
"It's filled with one boat and 13 cars. All of which are Jacks, except for one, bea-u-ti-ful midnight blue mustang... that is mine." Kathryin declared proudly. Booth laughed. Then his face clouded as he remembered what he was here for.
"Okay, so... what happened before you called?"
"Kassie-and-I-were-watching-Star-Trek-when-we-heard-footsteps-on-the-roof-we-went-upstairs-and-found-the-body," Zack relayed quickly, his eyes wide and anxious.
Booth nodded and seemed to be thinking. He looked at Zack and Kathryin's faces. They both looked worried. They were probably scared and nervous, too, and Booth couldn't blame them. Looking over at Hodgins, he saw protectiveness, agitation. Protective towards his innocent sister and best friend, agitated at whoever tried to frame them.
"Okay. Well you guys know in my book, you aren't suspects, but we'll have to print you just for comparison of the prints on the ladder. Then you guys can work on the case." He looked around at the gorgeous grounds that surrounded them. Man, he knew they were loaded, but...
"Have you guys received any threats lately?" Booth sounded far away, still staring out on the land.
"Uh, no." Said Zack and Kathryin in unison.
"You would know, we would tell someone." assured Kathryin firmly.
"Me niether." Hodgins stated.
"Alright. So... who has access to the... Hodgins manor, here?"
"Besides Zack, Kathryin and myself, all of my security guards, the pool boy, Kathryin's gardeners, the mantinence crew. Oh, and the housekeepers. I have all of our employee records in a file in my house," said Hodgins.
"Great. I'll go with you to get those -don't complain, Hodgins. Untill you're disproved as suspects, you'll need to have a babysitter- we'll come back, I'll get you guys printed and then you all are going to get a good night's sleep. Tomorrow morning, you guys'll start working on the body back at the Jeffersonian."
Temperance Brennan sat on the couch in her office, sifting through a box of remains, recently shipped from Uganda. She was to identify the body to the best of her ability, then send it along with her report back to Uganda. She gently lifted the pelvis from the box.
"Female..." she commented quietly to herself. "She was pregnant..." looking at the bones, there was obvious signs of either abuse or torture. There were several healed and healing fractures all over them.
She picked up the skull as Kathryin stepped into the room.
"Bren- Jack, Zack and I were disproved as suspects, we can work on the body, and Booth wants you outside.....Bren?" Temperance looked up from her remains.
"Oh, yes, right, good." Brennan stood and removed her gloves as she continued. "I laid out the victim's remains on the the table for you and Zack. While you guys examine it, have Hodgins go over the bag. We need to find where this person was before it was dumped on Zack's roof."
"Right. And Booth?"
"Tell him I'll be out."
"Kay." And Kathryin was gone. Brennan quickly cleaned up her bones and set the box on her desk. She stepped out of her office to see Booth walking toward her.
"Booth! What do you have?"
"I’ve got all of the Hodgins' employee records right here," He shook a 1/2 inch thick manilla folder in front of her face.
"Great. Are there pictures?"
"Yup. So if Ange can get the skull and do her... face thingy with the Angelator-"
"Facial Recognition."
"Yeah. If she does that, we'll identify it that much easier."
"Great. I've got Zack and Kathryin on it right now. As soon as they're done, Angela will get the skull."
"Female, caucasian, 25-30, gunshot wound to the skull. She's about 5 feet, 9 inches" Zack commented.
"Um, Stifling indicates entrance through parietal, exit through occipital, from over 7 feet away... looks like a standard 9 mill..." Kathryin and Zack were going over the remains, making notes."Can you grab me the rod, Zack?" Zack handed her a long metal rod which she slid through the wound tract. "Wow, that's steep. The assailant would have had to be standing above the victim..."
"Possibly from another floor, one of the balconies?"
"Or, standing on a car? In a tree? I don't know."
"The angle is about 125 degrees... Got all that, Kassie?"
"Yeah..." Kathryin was writing down their evaluation in a report for Dr. Brennan. "Do you see anything else?"
"There are fractures, breaks and indentations on the pelvis, the tibia, the 4th, 5th, and 6th costal and both humerus, all post mortem, very recent. We can cast some of the indentations later, when we clean the bones."
"Great. Do you see anything in those that we could get to Jack?"
"No, but he may pick something up that we can't see. Speeking of Hodgins, we should go see what he's found in the bag."
"Too late!" Hodgins stepped into the room waving another clipboard in his hand. "I've come to you, my friends."
"Whacha got, big brother?"
"The garbage bag is not one any of us use, but the gardeners do, for yard debris. Also I have particulates of soil that looks similar to the stuff we have around our property, by your gardens, Kathryin, as well as polen from blossumus cherrius equistitas. Cherry tree. And Brennan said that the body was buried and then dug up."
"That would explain the recent fractures and indentations you saw, Zack!" Kathryin exclaimed. "The person digging the body up must have hit it with a shovel! Maybe by one of the gardeners?"
"Shovel+garden soil+gardener's bag+pollen usually equals gardeners," Hodgins said.
"So it would seem. But we shouldn't jump to conclusions," Zack warned. "Now we need to search around your cherry tree to find where the victim was previously buried."
"First, though, let's set some tissue markers so Angela can identify the body. Thanks, Jack."
"Right. I'll go tell Booth and Brennan what we figured out. Maybe they can start the search early."
"Jack!" Kathryin called. "Be careful around my tree! Call me if you end up having to uproot it."
"I don't think we will." He looked at Zack, smiling. "You know her, if we do, she'll want to have a funeral." Zack chuckled, Kathryin rolled her eyes and Hodgins started walking out of the room.
"Uh! Look for adipocere!" Zack shouted after him. Jack walked back.
"It's a waxy substance, from the fats in a corpse. There should be some where the victim was buried."
"Oh, adipocere. I know what that is, dude." Hodgins left the two to tend to the markers and the skull. They started immediatly, Kathryin grabbing a set of markers and Zack propping the skull on a stand.
When each marker was set, Kathryin took the skull to Angela.
"Hey Ange, here's the vic's skull." Angela was sitting at her desk looking through pictures of the Hodgins' employees.
"Oh, great. I've been looking through these files and, wow, you guys have a lot of employees."
"Yeah, it's a big property. The vic is 25-30 years old, about 5' 9'', looks Asian.
"I have, like, 2 Asian girls here... April Chang and Wei Fan. I'll compare their pictures to the face I get from the skull."
"Great. I'll be in the lounge if you need me..."
Hodgins stepped into Kathryin's garden. It was beautiful. There were willows and birch trees around a pond with a little stream, there were beautiful fish in the pond and all sorts of flowers around it. Water hiacinths, hydrangeas, lillies, tulips, lavender, roses, morning glory. Farther in was an orchard, where there were rows of apple trees surrounded by blueberry, blackberry and raspberry bushes as well as strawberry patches. At the very end of the orchard was a very large cherry tree. It was Kathryin's favorite, and there was a bench sitting next to it that Booth and Brennan were sitting on, waiting for him. He reached the tree and started examining the soil around it. Back at the lab, he could tell that Kathryin hated the fact that someone had buried a dead body by her favorite tree in her garden. She had tried to keep her voice light, but there was that look in her eyes that she often held back from the rest of her face when feeling distressed. He felt sympathy for his sister, but the work must be done.
In the bushes behind the tree, he spotted a shovel.
"Booth! Grab that shovel, it could have fingerprints on it. You can have the FBI look at that." Booth put on some gloves as Hodgins went farther in the bushes and found freshly overturned dirt. "Right here! Found it!" He ran his gloved hands through the dirt. "Same stuff, and...." he dug in deeper. He pulled a fatty, waxy substance out from under the topsoil. "Adipocere."
"Good job, Hodgins," Bren said. "We should look through the soil, see if anything was left behind when the body was moved." She handed Booth a bag for the shovel. Booth's cell started ringing. He flipped it open.
"Yeah, It's Angela, we figured out who our girl is. Wei Fan, 27. Missing for about 11 months. Missing Persons says that she lives with her mom at 743 Country Avenue, off the lake. You and Brennan should get going."
"Is that Booth? Is my tree okay?" Booth could hear Kathryin's anxious voice in the background.
"Tell her it's fine. The body was buried near it, in the bushes, not under it. Thanks, Ange."
"Right. Okay, bye bye." They both hung up.
Booth looked at Hodgins, who was still going through the dirt.
"You think you're gonna be okay here? It is your house I guess."
"Yeah, you guys go on ahead. I'll call for Kathryn and Zack if I need anything."
"Kay. Come on, Bones, let's hit the road."
"Where are we going? Did Angela ID the victim?"
"Yeah. We're going to her parents house first.”
Bren knocked on the door of the Chang's residence, which was two storied and looked like it had seen many a decade. The 'white' paint on the exterior was chipping and stripped, the a couple of the dark blue shutters were hanging from one hinge.
An older woman answered the door. Her hair was a smokey grey, her olive toned skin was slightly wrinkled. Booth would swear she was half his size, she was so small.
"FBI special agent Seeley Booth," Booth flashed his badge. "This is Doctor Temperance Brennan from the Jeffersonian Institute. We're here about Wei Fan."
"Oh! Yes, come in, come in." Bren and Booth stepped in the home. Brennan's heels clicked on the hardwood floor, but the wood seemed to groan in protest with every step she and Booth took. The main room was quite square, with an intricate rug in the center. On the rug was a low standing dark wooded coffee table surrounded by cushions. The walls were covered with an old, peeling, pale yellow wallpaper. On the wall on the left was an old brick fireplace. Other than the rocking chair beside that fireplace, the room was fairly empty. The three sat on the cushions.
"Is my daughter alright? She's been missing for so long... I thought she had run off with that man..."
Booth had been doing this for years and years, but he was never used to this. He struggled to think of the right thing to say, but in the end he just said,
"Ma'am, we are so sorry for your loss. We found her remains around her workplace." The woman had a look of shock on her face, which quickly faded into utter sadness, hopelessness. Tears running down her face, she swallowed hard. "The man she was with, she worked with him. She was with him all of the time. I have only seen him, but I knew he was bad news. He hit her, I saw bruises."
"Do you know this man's name?" Booth asked quietly.
"She never mentioned it." She sobbed quietly. "When will I be able to put her to rest?"
"When we are done investigating her case, they are all yours, ma'm. Do you know of anyone else who could possibly have wanted to hurt her?"
"No, she never told me much about her... personal life... I should have been more involved, this is probably my fault..."
"It's not your fault, okay? We are going to find out who did this to your daughter." Brennan nudged Booth and wispered,
"You can't say that! We don't know yet if it's true!" Booth shushed her.
"Thank you for your time, ma'am. We'll keep in touch. Call me if you find you have something to tell us." He handed her his card and he and Brennan left for the Jeffersonian.

The author's comments:
Not entirely finished. actually, not even close.

I wrote this because I love Bones.
Those of you who are unfamiliar with the show, i'm sorry i didn't provide adequate descriptions of the characters for you.
Those of you who are: Kathryin is an add in character i made up myself. She is hodgin's little sister and zack absolutely loves her. She helps him to be more... ah... normalish? but adores him just the way he is. She prevents the Gorganzola thing, BTW. (i forgot the name, what was it, gorgamont, gorgrimalalalalaa, oh, the GORMOGON! yeah. Anyways...)

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