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February 3, 2010
By Sidney BRONZE, The Woodlands, Texas
Sidney BRONZE, The Woodlands, Texas
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Edward’s POV
I opened my eyes to look at the figure that ran into me and what I saw surprised me. The Volturi were very good at their job. I could hardly believe my eyes. Bella was here. Here, in my arms.
“Amazing,” I said, my voice full of wonder. “Carlisle was right.” I couldn’t feel anything, and as I looked down at my Bella, I was happy. She was more beautiful than ever.
“Edward,” her voice cracking. It had no sound, but I could hear her. “You’ve got to get back into the shadows. You have to move!”
What was she talking about, I asked myself as my hand brushed her cheek. Her skin was so smooth and warm, god how I missed her. Her heart was racing and I could feel her blood racing,too, is she nervous?
“I can’t belive how quick it was. I didn’t feel a thing- they’re very good.” I mused, closing my eyes and breathing in her smell that I missed since the very first day I left her. I pressed my lips up against her hair whispered, “Death, that hath sucked thy honey of thy breath, hath had no power yet upon thy beauty.” God, she smells so good. “You smell just exactly the same as always, so maybe this is hell. I don’t care. I’ll take it.”
“I’m not dead and neither are you! Please Edward, we have to move. They can’t be far away!” What was she talking about? I was so confused.
“What was that?” I asked politely.
“We’re not dead, not yet! But we have to get out of here before the Volturi-”
She’s not dead and neither am I. Of course, no wonder I didn’t feel anything.
Just as I figured all this out I heard movement behind me in the shadows. Before she could finish her sentence I pulled her behind me and against the wall. My arms spread out in front of her.
“Greetings, gentlemen,” It was Felix and Demetri, Volturie‘s greatest. “I don’t think I’ll be requiring you your services today. I would appreciate it very much, however, if you would send my thanks to your masters.”
“Shall we take this conversation to a more appropriate venue?” Felix said.
“I don’t believe that will be necessary.” My voice hard. I would not take Bella with me to that place. “I know your instructions, Felix. I haven’t broken any rules.”
“Felix merely meant to point out the proximity of the sun,” Demetri said, “Let us seek better cover.”
“I’ll be right behind you,” Barely turning toward Bella, I said, “ Bella, why don’t you go back to the square and enjoy the festival?”
“No, bring the girl,” Felix must be mistaken, how could he think I was going to bring Bella, a human, into a room full of vampires.
“I don’t think so.” My voice went flat as I said this. I shifted my weight, preparing to fight.
“No.” I heard Bella whisper.
“Shh.” If I had to fight to protect her, then I would. No doubts about it.
“Felix,” Demetri said disappointed. Can’t you just get along. It would all go a lot smoother, Demetri thought. No it wouldn’t, I still wouldn’t let Bella go with us. “ Not here.” Demetri turned to me, “ Aro would simply like to speak with you again, if you decided not to force our hand after all.”
“Certainly,” I agreed, “ But the girl goes free.”
“I’m afraid that’s not possible.” Demetri said regretfully. “We do have rules to obey.”
“Then I’m afraid that I’ll be unable to accept Aro’s invitaton, Demetri.”
“That’s just fine.” Felix purred. Edward, you will have to come. even your precious ,little human girl.
“Aro will be disappointed.” Demetri added.
“I’m sure he’ll survive the let down.” I replied.
They were spreading apart, coming at me from two sides. Ha! They want to fight me. I wasn’t going to move an inch from my angel. I had to protect her from these red eyed monsters, I thought as I heard dthe wind move, another vampire. I turned my head toward the darkness of the alley to see Alice coming. Thank the heavens.
“Let’s behave ourselves, shall we?” Alice said as I relaxed. “There are ladies present.”
Damn... I heard Felix and Demetri think at the same time. Alice came to stand by my side as Felix and Demetri straightened up.
“We’re not alone.” Alice reminded them with a nod in the direction of the little human family. Demetri looked over his shoulder and sighed in frustration.
“Please, Edward, let’s be reasonable,” he begged
“Let’s,” I agreed. “And we’ll leave with no one the wiser.”
“At least let us discuss this more privately,” Demetri pushed.
“Enough.” said a tiny voice and I knew it had to be Jane. Perfect, just perfect. I dropped my arms in defeat but knew I would have to keep an eye on her mind. Knowing her ability, Bella could get hurt. Jane could torture her mind to make her think she was in pain, but truly she wasn’t, It just looked like she was.
The rest of the day would play out interesting. We would live or we would die. The cards didn’t look so good, but we all followed Jane as she told us to. No one was stupid enough to argue with her. Not even her master. They’re all afraid of her, and what she’s able to do. Even me.

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