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January 25, 2010
By jordanbarsky GOLD, Manhattan, New York
jordanbarsky GOLD, Manhattan, New York
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Bill seems extra tired this morning. It's almost noon and he still hasn't awoken. I'm hungry. I can never think straight when I'm hungry. I went over to his bed and sat on his head. He rolled over like the moose he was and I fell off. “WAKE UP” I yelled “shut up Willy” Bill whined. Sometimes he really sounds like a p****. I started clawing at his feet. That always seemed to work. “Go away you Nazi cat” I told you he sounds like a p**** sometimes.

Truth be told Bill is fine. He feeds me and he lays pillows on the window sill for me. We mostly keep our distance from each other. We simply enjoy each other’s presence.

Eventually Bill got dragged his lazy slug of a body out of bed and filled my bowl and his. I forgot to mention that Bill was a little bit of an odd ball. I don’t know why but Bill and I ate the same food. I guest Bill just likes cat food too. That must be why I always call him p****.

Bill and I spend most of the day inside, most of all days actually. I guess we’re just indoor people. It was pleasant though, Bill spends most of his time hunched over his desk and I mostly looked myself in the mirror.

Once in a while Bill would stretch or run into the chair room. At least once a day Bill would get up and smile like a dork while shoving these images of stuff like Bill only with red coloring coming from here or there. The pictures were all of different creatures. But they were all sleeping and all in the same place; this dark hole. Well not exactly a hole. In the cards Bill showed me it looked like a walkway. There were uneven gray floors and it wasn’t exactly lit. I mean there was light coming from the outskirts of either side of the walkway but it wasn’t like light from the sun. The light was just there.

Today’s was odd though. This creature had a lot more red than usual and she looked mad. Her arms were held up high. I don’t know it's hard to explain how she looked; the best I could say is, sloppy.

Anyways I felt like taking a little cat nap (I always loved that phrase). I drifted off. I don’t like to brag but I usually have lovely dreams about gliding though the air or rolling through flowers. One time I even had a dream that I took a nap! But this was not a pleasant sleep, lots of falling and red. That stupid image didn’t leave my mind for one second. I actually started calling her Emily in my dream. This was extremely odd because I usually don’t care to name or even bother with things like Bill. I mean Bill and I are not unlike pleasant acquaintances at adjacent cubicles. He stays in his box and I in mine. But I really felt invested in Emily. She looked nervous, no matter…

That Nazi Bill woke me up while he was screaming to himself. I didn’t care to listen because I truly believe ease dropping is rude. But living in the same quarter I couldn’t help to heat some of his jumble.

He sounds like he was talking to some figure with more authority than he possessed because the whole time he was cowering like the fool he was. Truth be told Bills shortcomings entertained me. As if I had a live in jester. Bill ended the conversation with a number of disrespectful short answers; it was quite a show to watch.
Afterwards he seemed extra jumpy; Bill ran to the basement and brought up a brown bag. He placed the bag down on the counter and ran back to the basement like he forgot something else, probably his dignity or something of the sort, lovable old fool.

Me being curious as a cat (I adore that phrase too) I jumped up to the table and peeked into the bag. I poked my nose in, to discover a beautiful scent. Some tangerine mixed with iron or possible the way around, but it was infatuating. I found myself addicted to the scent, craving it while I still had it. it was terribly enjoyable.

My trance was broken by that gremlin Bill. He had brought another bran bag up. I became even more excited. Another scent! Could this one be as good as the first? I felt excited and blood thirsty.

Instead Bill greedily put one of the bags into the fridge and took the other to the counter. He carefully reached in and cradled Emily’s nervous smile in his hand. He looked at her as if he had created her, he smiled.
“Lunch is served Willy”

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