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Forbidden Desires- Chapter 4

January 1, 2010
By Your_Guardian_Angel PLATINUM, Clermont, Florida
Your_Guardian_Angel PLATINUM, Clermont, Florida
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The train ride to Spence seemed endless. Ann sat still as a statue the entire time concentrating on her needlework. Funny how Ann escaped her fate as a governess yet she still carried on as if she were one sometimes. Fee in contrast had been restless the entire ride babbling on about all that she had seen traveling and how different the world had become while we had been locked away behind the walls of Spence during our youth. Much to Ann’s satisfaction and mine Felicity finally fell silent once she was overcome by sleep. I needed the silence, I still hadn’t completely wrapped around my mind what had happened in the Realms… I know I had seen Katrik…hadn’t I? I must have…I spoke to him…and what about my dream the day before? Dreams are never just dreams…was Katrik trying to send me a message through my dreams or was it someone else…someone who wants me to believe that it was Katrik…someone who wants me to believe that it’s really Katrik in the Tree of Souls- I quickly shook my head trying to clear my mind. It was too much…too much for me alone at least.

“Ann? Ann?” I called her to attention urgently, she finally responded after she finished the stitch she was currently concentrating on.

“Yes Gemma, what is it?”

“Do you…do you really believe that I saw Katrik in the Realms the other day?” Ann sucked in a breath of air and stared out the train window for a few seconds before she answered slowly, choosing her words carefully.

“I believe you did see Katrik, there is no doubt in my mind that he’s in the Tree of Souls. But listen Gemma,” suddenly Ann’s voice became hurried and she nervously glanced over at Felicity before continuing, “ Gemma you must listen I do believe you but Fee-” the color drained from Ann’s face and she quickly stopped talking as Felicity stirred and got up.

“Are we at Spence yet?” Felicity asked between yawns. I quickly checked the window and saw the train station coming into view.

“Almost, won’t be long now.”

“Good.” Fee said as she rolled over and went back to sleep. With that Ann and I sat in an uncomfortable silence until we reached the station.

“Finally solid land and fresh air!” Fee screamed as she jumped off the train and landed on the Station concrete.

“Next stop Spence.” I said with more reluctance than excitement as I headed towards a taxi.

“Go ahead and call a taxi won’t you Gemma darling? Me and Ann here will catch up with you in a moment.” Fee said giving me her best innocent impression, it was obvious she didn’t have pure intentions but I didn’t have the energy to put up a fight so I continued to the taxis alone.

Felicity’s POV

I waited until Gemma was out of sight before turning hostile and grabbing Ann’s arm, “what were you trying to do there on the train Ann? You were right about to tell Gemma about our plan weren’t you?” I snarled at her.

“I’m s-s-s-orry Fee… I- I-I just think G-G-Gemma should know, I don’t want to t-t-trick her.”

“Just shut up and stick to the plan, Gemma will thank us in the end alright?”

“Al-al-alright Felicity.”

“Good. Come on now Gemma’s waiting.” I said sweetly as I walked toward Gemma.

“Right, whatever you Felicity.” Ann said quickly following Felicity out of fear rather than genuine excitement for what the following days would hold.

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