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November 14, 2008
By Dakota Davis SILVER, Westwood, Kansas
Dakota Davis SILVER, Westwood, Kansas
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The devil decided he was going to kill me on Tuesday.
It was a pretty cold day, and as night came, the sky turned lavender laced with the wet, lacquered black of the trees. I knew he was going to kill me. Why he needed me to die was a mystery to me, it was probably so we could join his legion of demons, I mean we had the skills- trickery, deceit, all that. Maybe it was because I was a sinner and he wanted to bring me pain by bringing my little sister to Hell with me. Although I knew I was going to die, I went out to the farm with my parents and our hippie family’s friends. It was a Halloween party. Instead of killing me by accident, the devil really wanted to get to know me before I died, and be brought his whole army of followers with him. Now, I don’t remember much from that day, but I remember seeing the devil and his daemons following me onto the top of the hill, and I remember seeing one of my friends, Frank, who must have gone to hell and became a daemon.
I looked at him sadly- he knew I was going to die, I knew I was going to die- and I didn’t want to die. Frank had always been one of those people who went along with the group, but now I wished he would have spoken up, because I knew he would never really want me to die. The devil and his followers passed by me and made their way quite slowly up to the hill.

I was only sixteen. The night started to clear up and stars came out, making the wet, cold woods glow silver. I continued to get more and more depressed until I remembered my days in middle school. I remembered all of my friends and exes, and most of all I remembered Frank, and how much I had missed him when he killed himself. And how much I’d liked him. I just could not believe he was going to support my death.

I walked up the hill really slowly, knowing I’d have to confront the red leathery devil himself, knowing he’d pull out some fancy pistol and pull the trigger and end my life, for no real reason. This was my fate. My sister was still at the bottom of the hill, out of the woods, talking with friends and having fun. I guess I wouldn’t let her know that she was going to probably die tonight as well.

When I reached the top of the hill, the devil called out to me in his low voice and the sky was lit up by a million more stars and we were all lit up in some iridescent glow that smelled like lightning. I went running up to Frank and he didn’t protest- he just held me while I cried and cried because of the inevitable. The devil watched me, laughing. “Release her.” He ordered. But Frank didn’t, we just stayed there in this cosmic moment, our tears mixing, and then suddenly all the sadness passed through me and I felt fine.
“I want your ring,” I said to the devil. He had this ring, it was blue and sparkling, and I told him that the only way he could kill me was if he gave me the ring. He slipped it off his finger and gave it to me, aimed his pistol at my head, and pulled the trigger.

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brianna11396 said...
on Jun. 11 2011 at 10:56 pm
your work is amazing thank you for sharing it with me

on Jan. 1 2011 at 5:16 pm
swaggacaust DIAMOND, Guntown, Mississippi
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