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January 31, 2009
By Arbys GOLD, Dobbs Ferry, New York
Arbys GOLD, Dobbs Ferry, New York
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The sunshine blinds her eyelids, as she walks across the soft-felted rug. The pleaded curtains faded by the sun's constant rays and her piercing blue eyes reflect the light in the room. Robin can sense their presence in the open room, the bed bare without any covering. The wooden floor has been scratched up to the point that the evidence of it once being wood is barely noticeable. The only evidence that someone has recently lived here, is the red stain on the pillow case. For it is folded up on a white wooden chair. A mere stain, but it shows that there was recently an accident. Maybe someone had been lurking inside the home, curious just as Robin was. Stories have been heard that people who enter, and whose curiosity takes over, they somehow never come back. They just disappear out of nowhere. The wood creaks as she walks up and down the empty hallway. No pictures hang on the bare white walls. A sense of warmth travels up her spine and she smiles to this thought. The girl keeps on walking to look at the rest of the abandoned home. How many years have people left this home empty? The coldness is detected once reaching the living room, or what it seems to be. It has a very musty scent to it, and the air seems thick with smoke. She keeps walking, on and on. The path to the basement seems to last on forever, and as she walks she gets closer and closer to the thick black smoke. She is going to find its source, but as she goes down the stairs she fumbles slowly. Bumping up and down the cold staircase, she falls into the center of the room. This is where the smoke is the thickest and she cannot control the coughing. She can barely see anywhere, in front, right to left; it is just too thick to see. Her clothes are ripped, especially her shirt from her long fall. She walks to the left but there is nowhere to go. She then walks to the right, again nowhere to go. She walks forward, and she bangs into metal. She is stuck and she begins to panic feeling the metal up and down. The metal bars have contained her in a small cell-like structure. She screams with pain, as the shadowy figure strikes her down with the wooden axe. She falls to the ground and the wound is open, causing blood to flow everywhere. She tries to get back up, but it is too late for he has stroked her in the back of her head. She lies there motionless, and sadly she will never be able to tell the story of her unfortunate death.

The author's comments:
This was the first story, that I have written since the Marist Writing Program 0f 2007.

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