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The Princess And The Blacksmith's Son MAG

By Anonymous

   High upon a hilltop,

where the sun shines brilliantly

There stands an ancient castle

that looms o'er land and sea

Its walls could tell such stories

of wars and gallant knights

But none are quite as touching

as that I tell tonight.

Beneath the gray stone towers

which dominate the sky

There sits a lonely princess;

tears welled in her eye.

And in her thoughts a promise

which echoes in her ears;

That tender voice surrounds her

and dries her silent tears.

How he ever found her

is not for us to know,

But the love he wrapped around her

never ceased to grow.

His father was a blacksmith

and hers ruled far and wide,

But somehow love still bound them

across this great divide.

Every vacant moment

found her bounding through the gloom

To the lonely little hovel

where the lover's ardor bloomed

'Twas in this empty cottage

where first their lips did meet

And in this, their humble palace,

where their love became complete.

But her father was a mighty lord

who held her in his hand

And gave her to a wealthy prince

who wandered through the land.

The princess told her father

of the promises she'd sworn to keep

To the handsome, faithful blacksmith's son

whose kisses made her weep.

"Never could I love another"

said the princess through her tears.

But her father's heart was granite

unsoftened by the years

And though he claimed to love her

it seemed he didn't care

If her life were filled with happiness

or pervaded by despair.

He locked her in a tower,

in the darkest, dampest room,

And planned to let her waste away

till she took her chosen groom.

The princess never gives a thought

to any but the blacksmith's son,

In the tower where she dreams of him,

soaking up the morning sun.

Still her lover wonders

where his princess spends her days

She has disappeared forever

from his eyes but not his ways.

The cottage where he loved her

has fallen to decay

But still he sometimes visits it

to think of long-gone days.

Even though the two are parted

their love has never died,

And all the angels wait in heaven

to unite them when they die.

All the angels look upon them

with tears welled in their eyes

And in their hearts they promise each

to calm the lovers' sighs.

Over all the many years

faces fade from memory,

But the princess and the blacksmith's son

shared love beyond mere imagery.

And sometimes when he thinks of her

the tears well in his eye,

And all the angels wait in heaven

to unite them when they die.

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i love this !

on Dec. 23 2009 at 11:12 pm
NorthernWriter, Fargo, North Dakota
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all I can say is...this is MAGNIFICENTFABULOUSFANTASTICROMANTICWONDERFULBEAUTIFULPERFECT! you seriously reminded me of Shakespeare and I am not exaggerating! Keep up the good work and I hope you never stop would be a terrible waste if you did! Keep writing because if this is what you are doing as a teen, when you go to college...THINK OF WHAT YOU WOULD WRITE THEN. wow. plain wow.

on Dec. 23 2009 at 10:13 am
RonCame1993 SILVER, Farmington Hills, Michigan
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Gullible isn't in the dictionary... (sad face)

Wow! This is really good. I liked the phrasing of it.