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A Monster Proposition

January 16, 2014
By CountryPopGirl PLATINUM, Lawrenceville, New Jersey
CountryPopGirl PLATINUM, Lawrenceville, New Jersey
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-Dr. Jack Hodgins (Bones)

“So it’s agreed then. We will give you the area you humans call Florida if you agree to stop killing our kind.”

“I can only vouch for the people in the forts around the Ruinous States of America and the resistance in Jermany, those in the Huang region of China, the country of Camobs-Thaimal, and the many factions in the islands of Kore. Any other pockets of resistance are not related to us.”

“Tell you what. These ‘other pockets’ as you call them will be dealt with as they surface. They will not affect you. However, if you are caught harboring one of these, shall I say ‘illegals’, then I will have no choice but to punish you as well as them.”

“I assure you that will not happen, but how will you know? Me and my people would greatly appreciate knowing.”

“There are many options, but I think the safest for our kind is to have a 24/7 monitor. A, as you humans say, police force shall be installed. They will make sure that there are no infractions.”

“There will be none of those. But may I be so bold to ask why such a constant watch? Do you not trust my people’s good souls?”

The being in the business suit went over to the window, picking up a trinket from his desk. He began twirling the little figurine of a woman and her baby in his hands. “It is only human nature to care for those in need. If a resistance say from Hera in Egypt or a Yamal from Vampira, sorry, Romania were to get to the coast and manage to steal a ship and sail here, no good soul would have turned the weary travelers turned away.”

“My people know not to welcome anyone else in. The world has become untrusting. Our own are the only ones we can trust.”

“Yes, but what is taught can easily be lost to instinct.”

“With all due respect, we have been conditioning kids as early as five to not trust anyone not in their own group.”

“Not from birth?”

“No newborn has survived more than a couple of months.”

“Why not?” The man looked down as if he were ashamed. “Humor me.”

“The mothers say that they do not have a sterile enough environment. Either that or lack of nourishment for them means lack of nourishment for the baby.”

“I see. I’ll see to it that our finest doctors shall establish hospitals to make sure there is a sterile environment.”

“Not to insult you sir, but I think our mothers-to-be would not like having someone of a different species handle their child.”

“Very well. But are you sure you don’t require our help?”

“We have very capable doctors. Which does lead me to the subject of the walkers. My people are nervous that if we do all settle in one area, if one of us dies and comes back, then that will be an instance in which we have to kill one of your kind to survive. Many would rather stay where they are and keep fighting, then run the risk of being wiped out by one of our own, so to speak.”

“These walkers, you mean zombies.”

“Yes sir.”

“I do hate them to. Mindless things wandering around killing life that can be put to better use. Some of my more specialized witches have tried to ‘civilize’ them if you will with little success. I’ll have them develop an immunization for that to give to your people. Shots will be administered as you enter Florida.”

“By the witches, if you please. They appear the most human and shall I say scare my people less than others like vampires or shapeshifters.”

“I will even be there myself overseeing the entire thing. Any other things you would like to discuss?”

“The matter of the ocean. We know that there are things in there and I would ask that you, call them off.”

“Why? If you intend to stay in Florida they should be of no concern to you.”

“The thing is, we will be fishing and I don’t want one of my ships destroyed. Also, many have not seen a beach in a while. I’m not sure how far in they will come. It would be nice if families could for once enjoy a beach.”

“If that’s your final concern, then shall we get to signing a contract?”

“Nothing major.”

“Well then,” the witch conjured what seemed to be an old parchment. He unrolled it across an invisible table and the end landed right in front of the man. “Let’s get to signing.”

“With all due respect sir, I would like to read through this first. I was a lawyer before this all happened. I don’t want to be caught in a trap, even though I know you wouldn’t do that.”

“You have reason to not trust us seeing as how many of you have died. I’ll be going out to lunch for an hour. You have until then to make a decision.” A timer appeared on the now visible table and a chair was created behind the man. “It’ll be nice doing business with you.”

“Pleasure is mine sir.” The man sat down in the chair and started reading the contract. Elijah, the witch, erased the doorknob after he left. He began walking elegantly to the elevator. His second hand vampire Sean greeted him with dismay.

As Sean pressed the button for the elevator, he spoke, “Sir, are you really going to give them Florida?”

“Patience Sean,” Elijah spoke calmly as the elevator door opened. “I will explain at lunch.”

“Yes sir.” They stepped into the elevator and the door closed. “But allowing them to live? Some of your opponents will see that as a weakness and attack.”

“You need to learn to look below the surface Sean. Something humans know how to do very well.” He stepped out of the elevator and into his black limo. Sean followed suit.

In the vehicle, Sean expressed his concerns more freely. “You had promised us vampires that you would hand over a portion of the humans to us. Many of us don’t like the idea of living off of only animals. Ghouls have threatened to start a revolution if they have to live off of the corpses, living and dead.”

“Hold them off a little longer. All will be settled in good time.”

“But sir, how can I assure them when you can’t tell me how. Even some of the witches require human sacrifice for their spells.”

“Sean, do you know why I chose you as my second in command instead of one of my other colleagues?”

“No sir.”

“You aren’t a witch, so you represent a different party, a different view. You also act the most human in my opinion. Always experiencing emotions and feelings besides bloodlust. It is a great contrast to me. That is why you are my second.”

“Thank you sir.”

“And manners, such a gentleman. You’re welcome.” The wheels stopped turning and the engine shut off. “We must be here. Now remember, you can not breathe a word to those shady, what do the humans call it, reporters. No one besides us two are to know what is going on.” Sean shook his head in understanding.

Elijah exited the car followed closely by Sean. There were many monsters swarming them asking questions, but the two men seemed to pay no attention. The hostess of the restaurant sat them in the VIP section. Elijah made sure she seated them in a secluded section; he had important things to discuss with Sean.

After each ordered, Elijah got down to business. “We are going to get rid of the humans.”

“Sir, I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Let me rephrase. I am going to get the humans to allow themselves to be exterminated by us. Completely cooperative.”

“I don’t understand.”

“That man I was meeting with, Calvin, I promised him a safe haven. He and a great majority of our resistance will be moving there. He requested that we give them something to prevent the zombie disease. I’ve been working on such an elixir. Firstly because I don’t like those mindless things. It will essentially give the humans an immunity to the disease. Which reminds me, make sure that the last of those things are destroyed by any means necessary.”

“Will do sir.”

“Now, getting back to the elixir. In addition to the immunization, I will be injecting a disease into them. It won’t be noticeable and will gradually grow, kind of like the cancer that so many of their kind died from. It will cure all their natural diseases.”

“Sir, this doesn’t sound like a disease.”

“Patience Sean, I’m getting to that. The replacement will be a disease that is activated through emotions. It’s a very tricky formula, but I’ve almost pinned it down.” The waitress arrived and placed down the meals; one prime rib extra rare and one filet mignon.

“You may eat if you please Sean, you must be starving.”

“Thank you sir.” Sean cut his meat carefully and ate civilly.

“Now, this disease feeds off emotions. The more emotional they are, the ‘sicker’ they will feel. Headaches, stomach pains, and it could progress to respiratory or cardiac problems without treatment. Eventually, they will see their doctors which I will replace with the leviathan. Devilish little things, but they are the best ones for the job. Their ‘cure’ will be a pill that slowly but surely takes away the humans reason and logic.

“When the ‘treatment’ is complete, they will be controllable through a single command. The police force I will install will be responsible for the deportation of humans that are ‘plump and ready.’ In addition to this, there will be a breeding colony within this region. Babies galore. Any stillborns will be brought to life and then dealt with accordingly. Either given to the parents, adoption or straight to a witch for spells. Those that survive and grow will be like their parents. Mindless and controlled at command.

“The best part is that the humans will not know what hit them. As it progresses, they will lose their logic and reasoning. It is a pity to waste a mind, but sacrifice must be made. Although, I suppose we could spare a few. Use them in our government. Have them for strategy or something, I haven’t thought that through yet.

“Anyway, as we find more large groups, we shall do the same thing. If we’re lucky, maybe we can have a group of humans in every major city. Our very own free food supply. A tourist attraction possibly. Then again, maybe not. I would find it weird to watch my food do tricks.”

“It is a very good plan sir, but how can you be sure it will work?”

“I’m glad you asked Sean. The man, Calvin, will be our first test subject, and you’ll be assisting me.” Elijah looked at his watch then back at Sean. “I will have to tell you the details later. Right now, I have to meet Calvin.”

“You don’t want to eat your lunch, sir?”

“Give me one moment.” Elijah froze time and ate his lunch, making sure to savor every bite. When he finished, time resumed. “Shall we?” He asked, getting up from the table.

The two exited the restaurant, got into the limo and back to the office building they had left an hour ago. Elijah made the doorknob appear to Calvin’s room and entered with Sean. “Did you find everything to be in order?”

“Yes sir. It seems like a very fair deal.”

Elijah held out his hand and a quill appeared. He handed it to Calvin. “Let’s get down to business then.”

“Just out of curiosity, what is that vampire doing in here.”

“He is our witness. You must know that there has to be a witness seeing as you were a lawyer.”

“I must have forgotten. It’s been a long time.”

“Yes it has, but now you can practice at your will.” He smiled as Calvin hesitantly signed the contract. “Excellent.” Elijah extended his hand. “It has been great doing business with you.”

“Pleasure is mine,” Calvin said as he shook hands. At the touch of Elijah’s hand, Calvin froze.

“What’s wrong with him sir?”

“Nothing’s wrong with him Sean,” Elijah answered, injecting a clear liquid into Calvin’s arm. “At least, not yet.” He discarded the syringe to the ground and gripped the right side of Calvin’s head. Calvin’s eyes turned white.

“What are you doing sir?” Sean was starting to fear his boss.

“Just speeding up his blood. It will effectively make him live for a year without him actually aging a day. Pretty neat trick.” After he spoke, Elijah let go of Calvin whose head drooped forward. “Awaken!”

Calvin lifted his head and looked straight ahead. He seemed to be just like a zombie. “What is your name?”

“Calvin Raymond James.”

“Age. Spouse. Occupation.”

“34. Leigh Marianne James. Lawyer.”

“Calvin, allow Sean to feed from you.” Calvin turned his head to the side to reveal his neck. Sean looked to Elijah and then to Calvin. Elijah nodded. Sean warily went up to the man. “Go ahead Sean. Free meal.” Sean hesitantly bit, but then went into a feeding frenzy. Calvin grew paler and paler. “That’s enough Sean.” Sean couldn’t stop. “I said that’s enough!” Elijah yanked his vampire from the man. “Listen next time.”

“I am sorry sir. I just haven’t had human in such a long time. I forgot how sweet their blood was.”

“Don’t let it happen again.” Elijah took a knife out and slit Sean’s wrist. “Now heal him.” Sean had the man drink his blood. Elijah, again, sped up Calvin’s blood, allowing him to return to a natural appearance. “Calvin, where is your wife Leigh right now.”

“She should be sleeping.”

“In the middle of the day? Is she a vampire?” Sean rolled his eyes.

“She is with child.” Elijah thought for a second then waved his hand, making Leigh appear.

“What’s going on? Calvin?” She ran over to Calvin. “Calvin what’s going on? Am I dreaming? Oh please don’t let it be another one of those strange dreams from this baby!”

“I’m afraid it’s not a dream dear.” She turned around in horror to see Elijah and Sean. “But you’ll wish it were.” Elijah kissed her and she too stood frozen, even after he let her go. He sped up her blood until she was like Calvin. “Name. Age. Spouse. Occupation.”

“Leigh Marianne James. 32. Calvin Raymond James. Gunkeeper.”

“This is amazing sir!”

“I want to see how far it will go. Leigh, how pregnant are you?”

“Almost nine months.”

“Would you do me a favor and go into labor, quickly.” Leigh at first didn’t do anything, but then she keeled over in pain. The three men bent down around her. “Leigh. Don’t scream no matter how much pain you experience.” She silently whimpered and cried, but she did not scream. “Now, push that baby out as fast as you can.” She pushed and pushed until there was some crying coming from the baby.

Sean got some blood on his hands and licked it. “It is quite savory.”

“That’s not what I care about.” Elijah held up the baby. “Stop crying!” He commanded. The baby stopped and Elijah smiled. “This shall be the beginning of their end.”

The author's comments:
I was tasked with writing a horror story where no one died. Please let me know how I did.

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