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The Answer

September 8, 2008
By InLoveWithACity BRONZE, Weatherford, Texas
InLoveWithACity BRONZE, Weatherford, Texas
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A young man was trapped. Darkness surrounded him and all he could hear was the howling wind of the tempest, which loomed on the horizon. He called out for someone, anyone, to come and find him. Wearily, he tried to think of someone that could understand his isolation. He sought someone that could rescue him from the storm that was swiftly approaching. He could think of no one. The young man then decided that he would have to depend on himself to survive the struggle ahead, for there was no one that could be depended on. His mother had been lost in the darkness for some time now, and his father had abandoned him long ago. His trusted friends had all grown distant, and the young man knew that he was alone.

This young man was haunted by his past and his secrets. His soul would provide no shelter from the raging storm. He knew that if he retreated into his mind he would lose himself in an even greater darkness. So, the young man knew he would have to rely on his external surroundings. Sadly, there was no light with which to see. The young man began to feel around for something, anything, which might provide his salvation. He walked aimlessly around, searching fruitlessly for something useful.

Soon, the storm began to intensify and lightning began to flash, illuminating the darkness. The young man began to see shadows moving silently around him. The shadows seemed to be searching in the same manner he was. He called out to the others, but the wind stole the sound from his lips. He saw, however, that the shadows were moving toward the storm. It was as if they were drawn to it. He could not find any logical reason to do such a thing, but he did not want to be left alone. So, reluctantly, he followed.

As they neared the storm the lightning intensified, and his surroundings became more and more illuminated. He began to see that he was walking down a tree-lined street that looked strangely familiar. The street stretched on for quite a distance, and at the end he could just make out a structure of some sort. He also saw that the shadows that he had followed had disappeared. Knowing that the structure was his only source of salvation, he broke out into a sprint. Lightning flashed all around him and he knew that he was nearing the center of the storm. The structure began to take form and before he knew it he was standing at a vaguely familiar front door. Inside, he heard voices laughing and knew that this was where he was meant to be. He grasped the doorknob and slowly began to turn it. Inside he found those that were lost to him before. He saw his mother, smiling and welcoming. His father was there and so were his friends. They all nodded at him, and he knew that they understood his secrets. He saw that they were ready for him to rid himself of the isolation. He had found his answer, and it was in the center of the storm.

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daisy4ever said...
on Sep. 12 2008 at 2:10 am
Spare,clean, wonderful prose. Very mature writing!