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Under the Rain

August 7, 2008
By onemanband101 PLATINUM, Hackettstown, New Jersey
onemanband101 PLATINUM, Hackettstown, New Jersey
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My eyes flashed open, and for a brief second a blue light illuminated my room. Then my room returned to the black darkness, my eyes not yet adjusted to the lighting. Gradually my vision became clear in shades of grey.
The gentle tapping of rain against window sounded as sand falling to the ground. Thunder struck, another bolt of lightning following it, the sounds falling into pattern. They fell into a musical symphony, the most beautiful melody on earth. One of Mother Nature. I added my own musical talent, humming the tune.
Suddenly the rain grew harder, and the gentle tapping changed into the solid rock impact against the window. I sat up abruptly and got up from my bed, heading over to my window. My hands searched for the latches that locked the window. The tips of my fingers ran across the cold metal frame, stopping at the lock. They slid the latch to an unlocked position, and my arms push up the window.
The first thing I noticed was that got exceedingly louder now that the barrier was out of the way. Second was the needle like drops of water that pelted my arms. They stung as they struck my skin; they seemed to cut into my flesh.
I stuck my head out the window, letting they fresh water soak my scalp. The cool droplets soaked into my hair, and I could feel it touch the bare skin of my head. I shook my head, letting my wet, tangled hair whip my face. The raindrops burned my flesh like an open wound, bleeding down my face and arms.
I pulled my head in and slammed my window shut. Water began to drip down the window sill, and roll down the wall. My head shook, splattering water everywhere. The water rolling down my neck tickled as it went down my back.
My wet lips parted, releasing a laugh. I quickly slapped a hand over my mouth, fearing that I’d woken my family. For a moment I remained silent, listening for any stirring within my house. Only the returning silence replied.
Silently, I creaked towards my door, cringing when the floorboards screeched from under me. My hands reached for the door knob, reaching out blindly until they made connection with the frigid, smooth surface. My fingers slowly turned the knob and cracked open the door without a sound.
My feet flew down the hallway, right in front of the stairs. I looked down and couldn’t see the bottom step it was so dark. I raised my foot off the ground, gently placing it on the first step. The icy floorboards sent chills up my spine, but it made no sound. One by one I slowly brought my weight on each step, none making a single sound.
I sighed in relief as I made it down the last step unnoticed. My legs ran me out the front door and into the rain.
A clap of thunder greeted my presence, and I sprinted into the fields. Adrenalin pulsed through my veins as I ran. My heart beat against my rib cage, stabbing into the organ with each pulse.
So I went faster.
My lungs burned as took in air and let it out again. It was difficult for me to breathe oxygen.
My legs pumped harder.
The center of the field was just up ahead in the clearing. My destination, my territory.
My thighs enflamed, as pain ruptured through them.
I didn’t slow down as I approached the area; I kept going and let myself fall to the ground. My eyes closed, and I smiled a satisfied smile. My muscles were pounding against my bones painfully, but I was content.
The rain was calmer, tender against my soft skin. It tickled as it trickled down my arms and legs. It was as if it cleansed me of all my fears. They cleared me of all my sins as each drop caressed my flesh.
Rain drops fell onto my lips, coating them with the glossy liquid. My tongue reached for the water, drinking it off my lips. The fluid tasted as sweet honey on my lips, and I yearned for more.
My fingers ran through the soft grass, tickling the gaps in between. The layers of grass whispered lullabies in my ears. I stroked it with my hands, turning of my side and curling up into a ball.
The thunder died down as the rain lighted up. Instead it became a gentle humming, as it sung me to sleep. As darkness took over the rain numbed my skin, until I could not feel it at all. The last thing I heard before I drifted, as I lay under the rain was the crack of lightning that had woken me.

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