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Daughter of the Gods

February 1, 2012
By Michelle.D SILVER, Hemet, California
Michelle.D SILVER, Hemet, California
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They say that no one can have it all but Hayley truly did she was class president with 4.0 grade point average, and varsity captain of just About every sport. Hayley Argyros was beautiful, kind and very special, just about everyone could see it. Her father always said “the gods smile down on you Hayley your meant to do great things” and as for her mother there was no mother in the picture. Her father had told her that her mother wanted to be there for her but she couldn't. He would tell her how much she was like her mother and how someday it would all make sense. Little did she know that that day was coming very soon. That week started like every other full of practices and studying like she always did until that night. Hayley walked up to her room and began reading the books she read every night until she flipped to the next page and there she saw it an envelope made of gold. It was so beautiful it was unlike anything she
had seen before it took her breath away she opened it and a sweet smell came out soon enough she was asleep and dreaming. In her dream she was in a land so amazing. It looked like pure light ,however, it wasn't too bright so that she would not be able to see, but it lit the land for as far as the eye could see and then a woman more beautiful than any human that Hayley had ever lay her eyes on was there. She opened her mouth and her voice like harps and violins said “My daughter, look at you now sixteen. A strong beautiful woman. But, now it come time that you prove your worth to the world. I am Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty and daughter of Zeus, god of sky and thunder”. Hayley was speechless. So many questions flooded her mind and finally she spoke saying, “Fine then, if you really are my mother then why did you leave me??” Aphrodite looked at her and threw her head back with her musical laugh filling the air. Then she answered, “I am a goddess and that is why I can never lead the life of a human but you my child have the blood of the Greeks and this is why your life is so blessed the gods will forever look down on you from the heavens above”. Hayley then looked up. She thought for a minute. Then she finally answered , “You mentioned that it is time to prove myself. What are talking about?” Aphrodite looked at her with a look that you can only see from a loving mother and answered, “You'll see soon enough. Just know that whenever you need me, call out to the heavens and something or someone will come to your assistance. Please never forget that
I love you and always will. I'm sorry I can't be with you but you must stay strong”. Hayley opened her mouth but no words came and suddenly the lights went out and her eyes flicked open she was back in her room and the time was the same as it was before. She had fallen asleep. Her mind was racing with question and curiosity but soon the hours passed and sleep once again took over her body. In the morning she awoke as usual and began to get ready for school like she always did. It was another regular morning but when she went to grab her bag she saw another golden note it said:

Now your adventure starts to begin
time you show that you can win
only one clue I'm here to give
look to the waters to find where I live
there's something you must bring back to me
but you must figure out who I maybe

the note was enclosed with a small trident make of gold that gleamed with an stunning glow. Hayley stared at the note reading it over and over again finally she looked in the mirror staring at her self as if she would wake up any minute now. She looked and

after she finally accepted the truth she turned to her closet she climbed up on the selves until she grabbed the box at the top she pulled it down. It was beautiful her father had told her it was the only thing that her mother had left behind it was gold and bronze with so many different gems gleaming all over the boxes delicate designs. She opened it and inside was all of her money, a small bag of candies that was silver, a necklace with a small golden swan pendent and a book one her mother had left for her and told her it would help her one day it was full of the odysseys and legends of the Greek gods and goddesses. She lifted the thin chain and slipped it around her neck and it felt so right she glanced in the mirror and smiled she felt a warm feeling the kind a mother gives to her child when she scared and suddenly every problem in life disappeared and nothing could hurt her. Then she grabbed everything else and put it all in her bag as she ran out the front door with questions racing through her mind. Outside she ran to her car and got in she sat there thinking about where to start and suddenly it hit her she had to go the place she thought best the library. It was her sanctuary the place she could always feel safe and loved everyone there knew and loved her like family and the books filled her mind with great stories and adventures that jumped off the pages. When she arrived to the library she looked up the building was truly beautiful a kind of beauty that doesn't come from the first glance but from years of staring at every angle and truly understanding the meanings that were hidden inside. Hayley walked
in smiling feeling better already she went into the Greek myth section and pulled out half the books on the selves and sat there reading looking at the breath taking art pieces that showed the beloved Greek gods then suddenly she stopped she sat for a few minutes and then finally her eyes flicked and a grin flashed across her face, she had figured it out. Then she whispered to herself “ the god of the waters... Poseidon the owner of the trident”. She grabbed all her things and dashed out the door and began to drive down to the beach. When she arrived she walked along the beach trying to figure out how to find Poseidon but it all seemed to unreal and finally her emotions got the best of her. She sat down on the warm sand and trying desperately to recognize what was already in front of her but she finally just let her emotions take control after her exhaustion took over she fell asleep and her dreams began again. In her dream her mother came to her rescue once again saying “ my beloved Hayley don't you know your strength inside of you right now is the blood of Zeus and all the other powerful gods of Greece. You forget that I am awaiting your calls to the skies so I can help take some of the burden. Now you must go but before you wake up there is something you should know you have three gifts and these gifts will come only when your odyssey requires them. Be brave and strong know the gods are with you”. Hayley woke and with a sudden burst of energy she got up and ran down the pier as she neared the end she braced herself and jumped off holding her breath as she swam she took a breath and
discovered her first gift. The ability to breath underwater as she swam looked up into the sun through the salty water and then a flash of thunder appeared it sliced through the waters and hooked onto Hayleys bag in guided her to a trench in the deepest parts of water. When she reached the trench the bolt dissolved into the water and she swam on looking down for something that could lead her on and then she saw it the top peak of grand tower. She swam closer and closer and soon reach the window and looked inside with her curious aquamarine she peeked inside. There is saw Posieden the god of the waters and her turned and looked at her and began chuckling his booming voice said “ well it seems you finally made it Hayley daughter of Aphrodite”. Hayley opened her moth but his presents was so strong it intimidated her and she stood there to speechless for words. He looked at her and and said you have passed your first test and found your first gift but you journey doesn't stop here come forth. She walked up and stood before him looking up as she reached in her bag and grabbed the trident offering it up to him. He reached down and accepted the trident an then in a flash of light it grew to its original size and Poseidon held it up he said “thank you my child your but now journey must continue if you look to your right it you will see a door go through it and into the hall to find your nest place here is you next clue”.

In the air music you will hear
But be careful not to come very near
I will try many tricks to make you come
you will try hard to not fall for one
everything will be like your dreams
but just don't forget it not as it seems

So her next challenge began as she pushed the doors open and walked through before her eyes there was a great hall with many doors made of fine metals and dazzling stones. She thought carefully of her next actions and what would be her next move caution in mind she walked forward looking at every door. Suddenly she turned when she realized the door she came through was no longer there and every door had little symbols. So she decided she would chose one a random. The bronze door she chose had a beautiful ruby heart encrusted in the middle after a minute of contemplation she turned the knob and walked through inside was a lush garden and then she heard a voice calling her saying “Hayley , Haley darling it's time for lunch please come in from the garden”, She turned and there she saw a sweet house with flowers bordering it like a moat. Haley began walking toward the door and then grabbed the knob and pushed in the door and as it opened she saw the back of pretty woman in apron caring a tray of warm chocolate chip
cookies. The woman turned around a said “well there you are honey I made your favorite lunch its on the table have a seat and ill come join you in a second”. Hayley sat at the table and looked around the house was so warm and comforting she felt as if this was where she really belonged. Them woman came in with her own plate and smiled asking “How was the garden today sweetheart?”. Hayley looked at her she was confused little by little she was starting to forget the really reason that she had come to the hall to find a god or goddess and suddenly it dawned on her if her mother hadn't been a goddess this is how her life could have been it made her slightly cold inside her feelings toward her mother began to change. As the impostor mother and Hayley talked and laughed over the amazing lunch and sweet cookies Hayley began to become tired as her mother noticed she advised Hayley to lay down for awhile that she would be there when she woke. As Hayley walked up the stairs she walked into her room it was different then the room she had at her other home this one was better it had a touch that only the wo0man of the house could give. She lay in her new bed and looked up a the ceiling as she started to fall asleep and dreams of her new life canopied her sleep. When she awoke she smell breakfast cooking it wasn't the smell she was used to that smelled of burnt toast and over cooked eggs this one was different it made her stomach rumble for the mouth-watering scent. She walked down the stairs and there her mother was with her hair pinned up out of her face and the pink and green apron tied around her waist smiling
and humming as she turned the pancakes over in the pan. Hayley walked up to her and hugged her feeling her warm body relax in her arms it comforted her and made her think of how much better life would be. Hayley stayed there in the realm of Litai the goddess of temptations for two weeks before the artificial life finally began to fall apart. The morning that Hayley would finally realize what was really going on began like every other waking up to a perfect meal but this time when she leaned in for a hug it didn't feel the same. Maybe it had always been there and Hayley had just begun to noticed but it seemed cold and soulless Hayley looked at the bag on the floor next to the door and picked it up when she opened the flap and looked inside she realized what had really happened she had been tricked Hayley changed into her old clothes and grabbed anything that really belonged to her and not this fake realm she had called home for two weeks then as she was all packed she realized something she didn't know how to escape the world she lived in. So Hayley walked out the garden where she had come from the beginning but the door was no longer there so she thought and then sat own on the bench in the garden and took out the golden book of gods and as she flipped through the pages one caught her eye it was the page about Litai the goddess of temptations. She then read on it passage said “ Litai was mischievous goddess who trapped her victims inrealms that they would live in with time passing quickly as they would grow old and die without ever finding a way out however it mentioned that Litai loved to hide secret
doors to escape in obvious places laughing at the people searching in all the wrong places.
Hayley sat on the bench thinking to herself what her next moves would be she felt as if her whole life was game of chess with certain moves causing certain outcomes but his time she was determined to escape. She thought deeply and soon after an epiphany and discovered her seconded gift wisdom. Hayley used her new gift and put herself in the mid set of Litai and soon she had finally figured it out since Hayley and her imposter mother always ate together on the dinning table it was the perfect place to hide a door the size worked and Litai would get her laughs from the inconspicuous Hayley eating right over it everyday. Hayley walked cautiously having a feeling that her counterfeit mother would try to stop her. As Hayley walked past her mother she turned and said “ Hayley where do you think your going” this time there was no smile this time it was rage in her eyes. Hayley looked at her and ran toward the table grabbing at everything to open it as quickly as she could and finally she grabbed the vase of roses in the middle she noticed something the vase turned but stated in place like knob. So she grabbed and as she turned thorns came through glass the more that she turned the longer they became they cut into her hand but she was determined to get out and finally the door flew open and Hayley jumped in and looked up as she ran down a flight of stairs to the hall and behind her she saw her fabricated life falling apart and her imposter mother was screaming any look of love was gone and she now resembled a monster clawing toward
her and cursing at the air. The door closed and ended the terrible screeching as Hayley began walking again looking at all the doors wonder what other monsters and creatures lurked behind them then she reach the door at the end of hall it was different this one blew all the doors away it was the most elaborate of all the doors cover in all the precious thing of the world it enchanted all who dare set their eyes on it and Hayley was memorized. She grabbed the diamond know and tuned inside was golden and velvet curtain streaming down from the high ceilings and she walked through the maze of the draping fabric then finally she reach a clearing in the curtains and saw the back of a throne then a enchanting voice said “ who dare enter the realm of Litai the goddess of temptation”. Hayley thought it was crucial to seem confident because she knew that others confidence intimated Litai so in a strong voice she stated “ it is I Hayley Arygros daughter of Aphrodite the goddess of peace and beauty i come in order to complete my journey”. Then she heard a laugh echoing through the walls and then voice came back saying “ well you speak strongly after I have already gotten all the laughs I need from you because you have failed and have fallen for my trick I will keep you here wandering the hall until your death!” Hayley thought quickly and then she said “if I die I will never be able to explain the power of my magical confections”. Litai was silent for a moment and said “fine I suppose you can tell em about these confections you have that are so special” Hayley then laughed saying “explain to me why I would simply give up my
bargaining chip to you besides I don't think that you will understand the great powers of my confections”. The goddess then said “fine if you tell me the secret I will set you free you can trust me because I am bound by the law of the gods to never break a promise lest my powers be stripped from my soul”. Hayley smiled to herself she had success she had tempted the goddess enough into winning back her freedom so finally she said “ goddess you live in a hall of realms all that contain faux worlds have you ever wondered if what you eat is real of not these confections will show you if you have or not give my the key to the escape and I will will give you the knowledge that will answer the questions that are deep within your soul”. Litai then stood from her throne and faced Hayley with a smirk across her face she was beautiful with a youthful look and a playful spirit she handed over the key as she answered “ I am intrigued by you Hayley so I will give you the key and you may go it seems if you didn't have to leave so soon we could have been such good friends” Hayley looked her in the eye and said “ it is a shame but if it did not happen it is not destined to happen”. Hayley took the key and walked to the door concealed by many curtains and put the key in as she turned it and pushed the door open she was now in a room of all white she couldn't tell where anything started or began it was simply white and blank she looked around wondering what would happen then a flash of lighting split the room and she was bathed in light when the lights dimmed she was now clothed in a gold fabric that was a s soft as cotton and had the shine of solid
gold but it was a light as a feather and fit her perfectly she glittered with fine jewels and her cascaded down in wavy ripples down her back. She turned and saw Aphrodite her mother and Zeus both standing before her in their shining glory. Zeus spoke his voice was unlike all the other gods it had an echo and a touch of music to it as well he simply overwhelmed every sense in her body her heart raced as he said “ My grand daughter you have made me proud and I hope now we may celebrate the great achievement of your journey we will bring in some ambrosia”. Hayley smiled she felt so fortunate to be there all the hardships of her journey now all seemed meager to the honors she was receiving now. Aphrodite took a golden goblet and held up saying “ a toast for the honors that Hayley will receive for her determination and hard work”. Hayley held up her cup and just as she was about to drink Zeus asked her “ my Darling child you have now earned your rightful place with the gods tell me what god will you be?” Hayley smiled “perhaps the goddess of wisdom” and she took a gulp of the ambrosia nectar but in would go down her throat and she chocked on it and she spit it out as she looked at Zeus and her mother and they looked at her Aphrodite finally answered the questions in Hayleys eyes she said “ my child you must know that the journey isn't complete until you discover your third gift when you do you will be able to drink the ambrosia nectar”. Hayley wondered in disbelief how this could have happened but soon Zeus had another question he then asked Hayley “ Gods can not live down on earth with humans you must chose to stay with us or rejoin your father”. This had never dawned on Hayley and she thought profoundly about the question and soon she answered “ the gods are all so glorious and amazing but I know in my heart that without me my father would not be able to survive on his own I must return to him until I can return to reclaim my place”. A smile slid across Zeus's face as she answered and Hayley looked up and then realized what had just occurred she had just figured out her third and last gift as she picked up a goblet she said “I am the goddess of empathy!” She took a big drink of the nectar and in slid down her throat with a satisfying taste of victory nothing had every tasted so good to Hayley and it wasn't simply the fact that the drink was from the gods but the fact that she Hayley Arygros had just become a goddess.

The author's comments:
This was one of my really early rough writing pieces but I was really proud of it at the time. It was inspired my Greek mythology so I hope you enjoy!

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