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Princess Adeline

December 13, 2011
By bubblesrfun GOLD, Muskego, Wisconsin
bubblesrfun GOLD, Muskego, Wisconsin
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Be your own kind of beautiful.

If god were real, he would be helping me right now. As it was, I was about to die and no one would probably ever know why or where. Maybe I’d never even be found. I didn’t know the man who was keeping me here, but I was almost positive I wouldn’t be getting free any time soon because he was too set on me not getting out.

I suppose I should probably explain who I am and how I got here. So here is my story, in my own words, how I remember it.


Princess Adeline Germaine was born in London on July 25, 1998. That little baby princess just happens to be me. I’m 13 as of today and am hosting my birthday bash at my home, Kensington Palace. My theme is the Royal Ball, so everyone will be dressed to the nines in beautiful gowns and tuxes.

Right now, my room is filled with people getting me ready. My bodyguard, James, stands by the door, my assistant and teacher Miss. Whitlock is busily seeing over the proceedings, making sure my dress fits just right, which brings us to my tailor, Mr. Gustav. I’m wearing a dress designed by him, who clothes my family for all of the important occasions.

My dress is beautiful, a pretty blue thing that fits my form, highlighting my blue eyes and in shape body. The dress rushes lightly around my legs every time I move, making me so excited to dance, just so I can feel the lovely silk.

Just then, father knocks lightly on my door. He just happens to be King Charles Germaine. He still looks stunningly young, despite his 45 years, and I’m sure that the mothers of all of my friends still swoon over him. Especially in his pressed three piece tux, with his hair slicked back, with just the perfect amount of stubble on his chin.

“How’s my darling?” he says, sweeping me off the floor and hugging me. Even though I bask in his attention and his riches, I sometimes wish he was someone else. Both of my parents live in Buckingham Palace, which isn’t too far away, but that isn’t the problem. All of the official royal business takes place there. Even though they are supposed to stay in Kensington with me, they usually end up sleeping over in ‘the office’. I was basically raised by my grandmother and my aunts. But I brush all of the family drama away and focus on the situation at hand; my diamond-studded birthday party.

“Oh she’s great.” I say to my dad. He give me a kiss on the check and puts me back down. “I’m just so nervous…”

“Honey, trust me you’ll be fine. Everything is set up, it will go off without a hitch, and you will have a great time with your friends.”

If only we could have seen ahead of time how far off from the truth that was….

The author's comments:
This is the 'first chapter' of a piece that I started out writing for a class. Please rate and tell me if you found it interesting enough to continue, or any improvements I can make so far :)

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