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The Dream

December 7, 2011
By Syra.Aris SILVER, Ocala, Florida
Syra.Aris SILVER, Ocala, Florida
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If you love something, let it go. If it loves you, it shall come back. If it doesn't, it was never yours.

Blackness is everywhere and anywhere. The evil is coming. I must get out. A flash of light appears before me. Could it be my way out? The darkness is drawing nearer and nearer. No time to think! I must outrun it.

The light is so close, yet so far away. I cannot think clearly with all of these intruding thoughts. Can I amble quickly enough? What shall be my fate? I must hurry before it eats me alive.

A face appears before me. It was inviting at first, but then turned sour. The cheery, heartwarming debut transformed into a dark, horrifying absence. Forgotten memories and lost faces were creeping everywhere. Why are they following me? I don’t understand what’s going on!

I brush past the pestering distractions. They are nothing to me. My real priority is escaping this retched nightmare. My chance is slowly escaping the grip of my aching hands. The thought of yielding was too much. The gradually departing light was mocking me. I’m almost there!
My heart sang a soothing melody as I approached the egress. I hear the lullaby retreat as I feel a painful tingling in my right leg. My throbbing body couldn’t fail me now! The gateway to freedom was now departing without me. I was too late. All that I’ve worked for is now meaningless.
I take a deep breath of cool, crisp air and awaken. The feeling of safety in my casual bedroom enlightened me, but I couldn’t help but think of my tormenting dream. I sat up, without a word, and stared into the vast nothingness that was my life. The confused, blank expression on my face exhibited the agonizing ruminations in my chaotically busy mind. Could this have been an ordinary nightmare, or a horrifying realization of my pitiful life?

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