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Tomorrow's Forecast

December 8, 2007
By Anonymous

She's alright. She has to be alright...

My vision gets blurry with tears, i can feel the warmth of each one as they roll down my cheeks. It's happening again, isn't it? It's happening all over again. But this time it's worse, a lot worse. Things seemed to be at their worst before, i thought we had hit rock bottom, but little did i know there was still a long way down. Things seemed to get better, they really did. I thought the storm had finally passed, that the sun was finally going to come out again, but it didn't. Now i'm just waiting, hoping, praying that things will get better. It's all i can do.

I hate this, I hate all of this.
I can't deal with this, but i know that i have to, but i really don't think that i can...

I hear the door open, keys jingling, footsteps. Heavy, dragging footsteps. He's here, and hopefully he brought some good news with him.
He comes into the room.
I guess i'll find out now, i guess i'll learn if the forecast is rainy or sunny tomorrow. Cross your fingers.

He stops in front of me.
I stare at his feet.
"Sweetie, let's talk."
I close my eyes. I can't look at his face, not yet. It'll give everything away. Everything.
I keep my eyes closed.
Deep breath in.
Deep breathe out.
I look up at him. I was right, it shows me everything.
"Is she alright?" I already know the answer.
He sits down.
"Sweetie, we need to talk."

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