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The Three Little Pigs ( Wolf’s Perspective)

December 11, 2007
By Anonymous

AUUGGHH!!!! I hate those little, plump pigs! Why? Can’t you see, I was murdered by them! I was just trying to be a sweet, kind wolf—why did they do that to me? Just because I’m a wolf doesn’t mean I’m evil. Do you have any idea about what’s going on here? Oh yeah, I didn’t tell you the story yet. Well, this is how it went:

It was a very pleasant day for a walk. With birds chirping, dogs barking, cats meowing; everyone was happy. Even I was full of happiness (unless I’d known what would happen to me later). So I went out for a walk. Several other animals were walking too. Well, actually some were galloping and some were slithering; some were even flying too! But in the center of all those animals, there were three little pigs that seemed to be lost. Are they okay? This question couldn’t escape from my brain. So I decided to give them a hand. But as soon as I arrived near them, they scurried away! Unbelievable! Did they mistake me with Godzilla, or what? I was anxious to find out why they did that, so I chased them as if I were a policeman chasing a bank robber. But unluckily, I lost them.

Where did they go, where did they go, where did they go?? Oink. Hey, what’s that noise? Oink. Oh, I realized, it was a pig crying—wait a minute. A pig. A pig! I turned my body and spotted a pig going to his hay house. It seemed that the pig was the oldest one of the bunch. Yes! I finally found you! But the same thing happened as before. As soon as I arrived in front of him, he scurried as fast as his short, fat legs could take him. He slid through the front door of his hay house and stayed quiet. I politely asked the pig to allow me to come in. No answer. I realized my voice was small, so I sucked in lots of air to ask with a lager volume. Suddenly, my nose got prickly. I accidentally sucked in hay too! Ah~~~, ah~~~, ah~~~chu~~~! This was the biggest sneeze I’ve had in my entire life. In less than a second, the hay house became a normal pile of hay with a pig in it. The pig immediately stood up, and sprinted towards his brother’s house with all his might.
I also hurried to his brother’s house which seemed to be made out of wood. I needed to apologize because I’d done an extremely bad thing to the old pig’s house. Sorry, sorry, sorry! I shouted out this word at least a hundred times. No reply. Again? I didn’t want to blow away the house again so I thought of different ideas. Hmmmmmm. What should I do—got it! I can make it rain so that their plants in their garden will grow more! After I noticed how strong I can suck up things, I used my power to suck the rain clouds towards the house! It worked! It started to rain! Hurray! Everything seemed to be going perfectly well—only until the pigs noticed something. The wood house was melting! It seemed that the rain wasn’t just a normal rain, being an industrialized area, it was acid rain! So all three of us, the pigs and I, ran for our lives to the youngest pig’s house.

This house was made out of bricks. This time I felt, nothing bad should happen. I rated my heart so that I could talk normally to the pigs. I knew they wouldn’t answer my questions so I used gestures through the window. The pigs gestured back to me to come in through the chimney. I though this was a new kind of security system, so I did exactly as they told me. Splash! AHHHHH~~~~!! Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot! I was boiled in hot water! At the bottom of the chimney was hot water! I called out for rescue, but the pigs were just giggling at me! I was dying, and dying...!
That is where I found myself here, in heaven, completely dead. I talked to God all day about how I got killed. So I was able to get a chance to live again! Thank you, God! When I live again, I will exact revenge on every pig related to those three little pigs! How? Well I will boil them just as they did to me, and will eat them as pork. Nice idea right? Ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaa!
So this was the real version of the three little pigs. Please do not think of wolves being evil and pigs being kind because sometimes it may be opposite.

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chocolate said...
on Jan. 13 2016 at 7:55 pm
I LOVED IT!!! It helped me SO much in my humanities assignment at school. And I totally agree with @Safeleo!!!!!!!!! It i Supes cute!!!

Safeleo said...
on Oct. 17 2010 at 4:46 am
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