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I moved

January 15, 2008
By Anonymous

Waves tumbling in from the horizon. One by one they crash onto the beach. And I, standing where the cold salt water meets the sand, wade out. The water is bone chilling and sharp but I keep moving forward. Broken bits of glass, sand and rocks whirl in underwater tornados that tear up my legs, but I keep pushing through. Advancing past the breaking point of the waves I feel the frigid water engulf my head and chest. Still forcing myself forwards the water begins to calm. Beautiful fish swim by in schools, seaweed sways in the current and little crabs dance along the ocean floor. Thrusting with ease along the oceans sand bottom, forgotten treasures are brought to life. N old spoon, a statue, sunken ships and a baby doll. I pass them all by walking as if I was on the moon, leaping, dancing, flying. Continuing along my journey the current returns, stronger then before. The waves they life me and toss me to the shore. Progressing thought the waves my body is slammed against the sand. The waves carry me and pull me back, to where the cold salt water meets the sand. Slightly out of breath I crawl across the sand, moving like an injured beast towards the light I rose. Stumbling through the dunes, down the street, floating off into the distance I moved.

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