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Wishful Thinking

November 9, 2007
By Anonymous

“Excuse me!” Taylor Franks spoke as she made her way through the crowded college classroom. It was more like an auditorium, with rows and rows of seats. She tried her best to maneuver her way through them, making sure not to step on anyone’s feet. Taylor scanned the desks and finally found an empty one, but knowing her luck, it was on the top row, about fourteen rows above her. As she made her way to the desk, she could feel her peers staring at her. She kept her curly blonde head down, and continued her path. Just as she reached her destination, a large Caucasian woman squeezed her way in, and took the desk. Taylor sighed as she watched the woman stare her up and down. “What you lookin’ at, hoe? I suggest you take those little feet off yours and your scrawny ass to find another seat, ‘cause this one’s taken. Buh-bye now,” The heavyset woman screeched. Taylor quietly made her way through the rows, still trying to find another seat. She looked around, and finally managed to sit down, almost ten minutes later. “Is this your first day?” Her neighbor leaned over and whispered. She noticed the man was about her age, eighteen, and he had piercing green eyes and dark brown hair. His dimples seemed carved into his cheeks, and his scruff was neatly shaven. He had perfectly white and straight teeth, and smelled of cologne. He wore a sweater and khaki’s and his hair was short and spiked. “Yeah, how’d you know?” She asked. “This is the freshman section. I’m Ryan by the way. Ryan Westin. And you?” He asked, extending a hand. She took it and gently shook. “Taylor Franks,” She replied. “So how fun is biology on a Monday, huh?” Ryan joked. “Fun,” She replied back. He smiled, and turned his attention to Mr. Ayotte, their biology professor. She stared at him for a few more moments, and turned her head towards the professor, but she wasn’t quite ready to pay attention. She was thinking about her morning. What had seemed like disaster turned out quite nice. Maybe she still hung onto that hope after all.

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