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November 3, 2007
By Anonymous

It was one of those perfect days. That day that reminds you of the times in childhood when everything was wonderful. It was the type of day that makes you wish it could be perfect again.

She sat on the couch and couldn’t stop remembering. The thoughts flowed out of her like water out of the tap. This time it was summer.

“It is Saturday sometime in July. I am woken by the stream of sunlight that has been released into the room by my mom. I smell the sweet scent of Danishes made fresh at the bakery. I love this weather, when all I need is a bathing suit and a pair of shorts.

I run down the stairs into the kitchen where my dad is eating a pineapple Danish and reading the paper. He looks up and says “Good morning sunshine.”

It feels so good to hear those words; he’s never up this early on a Saturday. My mom says the car needs to be washed and I’m instantly filled with excitement.

I scarf down my cherry Danish, my face and hands covered in syrup and icing. After I wash up I go outside where the car, the pail of water, and two sponges are waiting for me. I grab a sponge and stick it in the soapy water. I keep it in there for a second, wanting to hold onto the feeling of the cold water and the squishy sponge. I pull my hand out and squeeze out the sponge onto the white car.

I feel the heat of the mid morning sun on my bare back as I move the sponge along the car. Too soon my dad says “All done, time to rinse it off.” He takes the hose and sprays the car, revealing a shiny white exterior. He sees the beads of sweat running down my forehead and laughs.

He sprays me with the hose and I’m soaked before I can react. The second he turns away I grab the half full pail of soapy water and pour it on his head. Soon we are both on the ground laughing, taking in the warmth and happiness that can’t possibly last forever.

When we finally finish he offers to take me for ice cream. I get into the hot car, my thighs sticking to the leather seats, but its okay. We drive to Lengo’s and get vanilla cones, but they’re gone in minutes and it’s time to go home. Before I know it the light starts to fade and darkness falls. I’m tucked into bed left with nothing but the memories of a time that will never happen again.”

Soon the memory is over and she snaps back to the harsh reality that a memory is all this will ever be. She misses that day when everything was wonderful. She wonders aloud “When will everything will be like that again?”

“Everything is wonderful now. You need to have a positive attitude,” Dr. Rosenthal replies.

But the reassurance doesn’t help; she knows that nothing can ever replace true childhood innocence; when those perfect days are over all you’re left with are the memories. A single tear rolls down her cheek as she gets up to leave, thanking Dr. Rosenthal. She hugs her mom outside and says, “Tell me everything is going to be wonderful someday.”

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