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In the Attic

November 3, 2007
By Anonymous

We were trapped in the dark attic. Who knows how long we would be trapped there--alone. Something was closing in on us. Getting closer and closer.
The attic was covered in cobbwebs. The air was filled with dust and boxes of memories surrounded us. An old chair and an axe blocked the door. A full moon was the only safe sight. It was cold and raining outside and we could see it on the hunt. He was looking for a meal and smelled our scents.
Then suddenly the lights flickered on and off. Where did it go? Was it inside? So many questions ran through my mind. So many fears. It was silent for a long while. Not the sound of it scratching on the outside of the house or the sound of the wind rustling through the leaves. This made me even more nervous.
The lights flickered on and off again and my best friend, Jessie, was gone. I started to panick. I screamed her name over and over again. Then almost as silently as the night's wind I heard her say, "It's safe, call for help."
When the police arrived I explained everything. The officer looked to me sadly and told me that Jessie had died three days earlier in a car accident.

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