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Wishes Not Wanted

November 1, 2007
By Anonymous

“Danielle, wake up.” a woman said, elbowing me in my ribs, “We're here.”

I rubbed my eyes as my vision came to me gradually. Hopping up from the chair on the plane I was seated in, I yawned, tired from the fourteen hour flight. Following my aunt into the lobby of the Maui airport, I realized how warm it was. I pulled off my hooded sweatshirt and tossed it into the draw-string bag I was carrying.

“Sweetheart, over here. Your uncle is ready with the car and your luggage.” Aunt Penelope said. Getting in the back of their car, I sighed out of exhaustion and crossed my arms. I hated plane rides, I didn't do so well back on the ground after the fact.

It was pretty quiet in the car, and I guess my uncle could sense it. He kept trying to make conversation with little questions people always ask in an awkward silence, like “So ladies, how was the plane ride here?”

“Long and tiring.” Letting a yawn escape a yawn escape me.

Aunt Penelope turned around and looked at me. Her face was a bit green like she got sick after plane rides too. “If you're still tired when we get to the house, you can take a nap before dinner.” she said softly. I only nodded.

I think she’s one of the sweetest people in the world, my Aunt Penelope. She has dirty blonde hair that stopped at her shoulders, and almond shaped brown eyes with freckles on her cheek bones. She was only about 5' 4” at the most, and about the size of a toothpick. Okay, maybe not that skinny, but she was about a size two.

After about an hour and a half of driving, we pulled up to this white wooden house with light bluish-gray shudders and a wrap-around porch. It was really something. As we walked in with my luggage in our arms, the first room you stepped into was the parlor with just a few plants and a bird cage- it was empty of all furniture though. I set my bags down to look around. I went into the living room where the furniture there was cream colored and the walls were granny smith green. On the top floor, my uncle addressed me. “You’re room is over there.”

“Our bedroom is the room at the opposite end of the hall if you need us at all during the night. I'm going to go make dinner while Ben goes to the store for a few supplies.” Aunt Penelope said.

When they got half down the stairs, I called to her. “What does he need at the store?”

“He needs to pick up some fencing to repair our backyard fence. We have three acres, you know.” With that, she kept walking to the kitchen.

I watched her, then crossed the threshold into my bedroom. I slumped down on the bed and fell backwards, staring up at the ceiling thinking. I couldn't believe that this was my new home. I was now living in a paradise! I was so overwhelmed I fell asleep right then and there.

The next morning I woke up with my stomach growling at me and I realized I never had dinner. I could already smell the aroma of the eggs and bacon that my aunt was making.

“That smells really good.” I said taking a seat at the island in the center of the kitchen.

“I bet it does.” Aunt Penelope said with a giggle, knowing fully well when I passed out. She placed a plate in front of my spot at the table. “Do you have any ideas for what you're going to do today? Your uncle and I have to work.”

I took a bite of the eggs and swallowed. It felt so good to have food in my stomach. “I was thinking of going to see if any of my old friends were home.”

“Alright. Well…” she took a sip of her coffee, “be home by seven o'clock tonight.” I nodded and kept eating. Soon after we ate, Aunt Penelope left. Then Uncle Ben left a half hour after her, but not before he reminded me to lock the door when I left. He had always been afraid of robbery, kind of like Dad.

I got dressed in my bathing suit and a pair of faded jean shorts. I almost forgot something, the most important accessory that I have. I unlatched the small silver hook and placed the small silver chain around my neck, my mother's emerald necklace.

I ran down the driveway to the garage and got out my bike. I was very thankful that my parents brought me here a few times, and left me a bike like my one at my old house.

Biking down the road a little ways, I turned into a driveway next to a blue house.
“Coming!” a voice said from inside when I knocked on the door.

“Hello? Can I help you Miss?” a lady asked. She was dressed in a white shirt, a white apron, and a gray skirt. She was wearing oven mittens on her hands and there was a fragrance coming from inside her house; it smelled like blueberry muffins.

“Hi, Mrs. Williams. I know your son, Eric. Is he home?” I asked as politely as I could. All of the years I had known Eric Williams and I had never met his parents.

“Oh, yes he is. Let me go get him.” Mrs. Williams stated, “Eric! You have a friend at the door!” I heard footsteps coming after she had yelled for him. He came out of his house and looked shocked to see me standing there. I couldn’t help but laugh at his facial expression. He opened the screen door, came out, and embraced me in a tight hug before I could even blink. It was just something I wasn't expecting him to do, so when he pulled away, I now looked shocked.

“Hi.” he said., “Do you want to come in?” I nodded, and he led me through his house and into his kitchen. “Mom, this is Danielle.” Eric said to his mother.

She turned around, “So nice to meet a friend of Eric's. Have you stayed here long?”

“I've visited before, but I just got here last night. I‘m living here now.” I said. And Eric’s smile could not have gotten any bigger.

“Oh. Where are you staying?” she asked sitting down at the table with Eric and I.

“I'm staying at my Aunt Penelope and Uncle Ben's house down the road.”

“They're nice people. Are you're parents staying too?” Mrs. Williams asked.

I looked at my feet underneath the table. I hated when people brought up the fact of parents. My parents and I were so disconnected. Why couldn‘t a teen go somewhere without people thinking to ask about their parents?

“Um…no. My dad got us evicted from the apartment we lived in. He couldn't come or else he would lose his job and he needs that money. Um…and my mom just died not too long ago.” I said. I didn't realize how upset just saying the truth had gotten me.

But then Eric's mother and him said at the same time, “Oh I'm so sorry.”

I picked up my head and smiled. I seem to do that a lot. I don't like showing my feelings and getting so emotional over something. “Don't be.” I said, “Like you said, my aunt and uncle are nice people.” I smiled again. Apparently, the smile had worked because the conversation had ended.

“Well, I have to get back to cooking for that wedding tonight. I'll see you two later.” Mrs. Williams said. Then she got up and resumed cooking as Eric and I left out his back door.

“You're going to a wedding tonight?” I asked him as he pulled his bike out of his shed.

“No way. My mom's a caterer. She's doing a wedding tonight, that's why there was so much food. You know me. I‘d never be caught dead at a wedding reception.” he said. I didn't even notice all the food around until he said something just then. “Do you want to go to the beach?”

“Sure.” I hadn't been to Hawaii in two and a half years, so I didn't recognize how much I had missed it. The smell of flowers filled the air. As we got closer to the ocean, you could smell the salt lingering in the breeze. It felt good to have a salty wind brushing against your face, you could lick it off your lips. We sat down next to each other on the rocks that the waves were crashing against.
Looking out at the sea, Eric asked, “So…do you really live here now?”

“Yes.” I replied, and I looked at him. I only meant to glance over but I found myself staring. He stared back for a moment or two, our eyes locked on each others, smiling.

Then he turned back to the ocean, “I missed you, Elle.” And then he glance at me; he didn't hold a stare like I did.

“You did?” He was still looking out at the ocean. I looked at the sea, watching it glisten in the sunlight like little crystals. Eric seemed to surprise me so much.

He held my hand and moved closer, “I did.” I really wanted to kiss him right then and there, but he let go of my hand. I sighed and got up from the rock. “What are you doing?” he asked in bemusement.

“This.” I said as I splashed him. He gasp and I ran down the beach laughing. He ran after me and he was beginning to close the gap. Kicking sand up as we ran, I started to run faster. As I ran faster so did Eric. I was having so much fun that I didn't see a hole in my path, and I fell in it. He was almost up to me, so as quickly as I could I got out of that stupid hole and kept the gap.

But as soon as I started running again, he called me. “Danielle! Wait! I hurt my ankle! Wait!” So of course I stopped but as he got about five feet from me, he started running again, and he tackled me. We landed in the sand, I was propped up on my elbows and laying on my back, Eric was facing me with his left arm around my waist and his right propped up on his elbow. We were both panting pretty hard and laughing at the same time, which to me, until then, didn’t seem possible.

“You tricked me! No fair.” I said out of breath. And he laughed a bit louder.

“Yes it is.” Eric said holding me closer.

“No it's not.” I replied. I looked up at him. His arm went from around my waist to where his hand was brushing my hair. Shivers were sent through my spine like my nerves were laying on an ice block; he did it so caringly and gently. Before I knew what was going on, he had his lips pressed against mine. So many things started running through my mind all at once. Was I comfortable being with just him? Why did I want to see him first? Did I really want to kiss him? My mind and heart were telling me the same thing, kiss him back.

He smiled at me and kissed my forehead. “Be my girlfriend. Please, Elle?” I didn't know what to say. I was speechless. The first time back to Hawaii in two and a half years, and now he wants me to be his girlfriend?

“Can I ask you something first?” He nodded. “Why do want me to be your girlfriend?”
He looked at me like I was crazy for asking. “So I can kiss you anytime I want.” He had to quote my favorite movie, right? Now he was looking for an answer, I just kissed him again.

“Answer your question?” He said yes and took me by the hand to the ocean. I looked at him, his smile in his eyes. Then he splashed me, and ran into the waves. Of course, I ran in after him. Half way deep in the water, my foot slipped on something. My favorite thing about the beach, you could see down into the water, it was so clear. I looked for what I slipped on. It was a shiny silver stone with golden flecks. I picked it up and Eric came right over to see what I was holding. “Look at this rock. Isn't pretty?” I said to him.

“That's a wishing stone! My mother has one. She says it brings her what she desires.” he said. In that case, I held it tight in my hands and shut my eyes. Please help my dad move back into the apartment, I thought hopefully. “I don't know if it happens right away though.” Eric stated as he watched me.

When I opened my eyes he was looking at me strange. “What's wrong?” I asked. He smiled and took me by the waist.

“There's actually something I meant to give you back at my house that I‘ve wanted to give you for a while. I have to go eat dinner anyway. So I'll see you later.” He said and kissed me on the cheek. They walked over to their bikes. “Bye!” he called as he peddled away.

I sighed and peddled my own way. When I got back to the house, my aunt and uncle were eating dinner. “Why are you home late?” Uncle Ben asked while looking up at the clock.

“I'm sorry.” I grabbed my plate off the counter and sat at the table with them. When I was finished I hurried upstairs to get a shower. I tried to be quick about it but I obviously wasn't quick enough because Uncle Ben said that Eric had come and gone. He handed me a square box wrapped in paper and with a note attached. It said:
*I love you!*
I went back upstairs to my room and opened it. It was a CD called, I Love You by Incredible Resist. Eric had his band help him make a CD for me with love songs, probably the sweetest thing ever done for me. I inserted it into my stereo, and looked at the back of the CD as I pressed play. The first song was, All For You. Opening the cover booklet, I read the lyrics quietly as I listened to the song.
Staring at these pictures
I see how you have shaped my life
Every memory of you just makes me smile
I can't believe I've never told you

Everything I do
Everything is all for you
Anything you want
Baby don't worry you got it
My mind's racing, my heart's pounding
And it's all for you
Yeah, just give me a shot
I'll take a bullet for you
Everything I do
Baby it's all for you

I got passed the chorus and I couldn't read the lyrics anymore, I was shaking too much. It was so sweet. It was so incredibly amazing for him to do that. The phone began to ring and I jumped. “Danielle! Phone for you!” Uncle Ben called.

I picked up the phone in my room, “Hello?”

“Hiya, sweetheart.” said a deep voice.

“Daddy!? What's wrong? Are you alright?”

“Pumpkin, I'm fine. I do have something to tell you though.” My dad said, “I got the house back. And I'm asking for your aunt and uncle to send you home in a week.” Suddenly, the grin I got when I realized my father was calling was replaced by a grimace. I didn't want to go home. What about Eric?

“Oh okay.” My dad didn't seem to hear the change in my tone though. “Then I'll see you in seven days. I'm going to bed. Goodnight daddy!”

“Alright. Goodnight sugar.” click.

Eric had written me a CD with 13 tracks. I couldn't just leave him, I‘ve always cared about him. Why did I have to wish for my father to move back into his house. Even if I was tired now I couldn't fall asleep.

I went about my week with Eric like nothing was wrong. I couldn’t tell him that I was leaving, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it after a perfect week.

The next morning, I didn't even bother saying hello to anyone in the house or eat anything. I just simply got dressed and rode to Eric's house. I skidded into his driveway and parked it, and ran to his front door. I knocked- no answer. Oh please God let him be home, I thought. I knocked again, still no answer. Please, please, please…, I thought.

Then I got this crazy idea that I would write him a note. I rode back to my aunt and uncles’. Getting out a piece of paper and a pen, I wrote what I was thinking.
My dearest Eric,
I loved your CD and especially the song on it, All For You. I realize that you love me like the title says and I love you too! I always have and I always will! I just want to let you know that we cannot be together. I have to move back in with my father tomorrow morning. I will most likely be at the airport when you read this. And I'm so sorry. I did not mean for this to happen. I thought I would have been staying in Hawaii longer than this. This might not be the end, and time can never change how I feel about you right now. I must admit, this is all my fault. On the wishing stone I found, I wished my dad would get the apartment back, and he did. I could wish for it to be changed, but then I would need another stone. Each stone is good for only one wish. I'm so sorry to do this to you. I know you must hate me after reading this, and you must know, I knew I was leaving a week ago.
Forever yours, Danielle

I folded the piece of paper and stuck it in his mailbox.. I wrote:
From- Danielle
*I Love You Too!*
:on the front. He was probably helping his mother with a party she was catering today. I didn't want to leave without saying good-bye but it was the only way. “I'm sorry.” I whispered as I wedge the note in the door. I traveled all sullen and dishearten back to my aunt and uncle's so I could get a ride to the airport.

Sitting alone on the bench near Gateway B for my plane, I could only think about Eric reading that note. It was the only thing I could do, I kept telling myself. Suddenly, they announced my plane's departure was coming. I got up and went in line to the gate. “Danielle!” I heard someone calling as I was nearing the gate. Eric came running around the corner.

“Eric? What are you doing here?” I asked confused.

“Please don't leave. You can still live at your aunt and uncle's, you'll be happier I promise. We'll be able to be together. Please, just don't go.” he pleaded, taking my hands in his.

“Eric, I'm sorry. My dad wants me back. I can't say no.” I said.

“But I bet if you explain it to him, he'll understand. Please, just miss your flight.” Eric begged.

“Eric, please this is hard enough. Please don't make me fall in love with you even more than I already am.”

“What's so hard about love, Elle? Just don't go.”

“Miss, the plane is about to leave.” A flight attendant said to me, “Last call.” I had to think. I love Eric. My daddy loves me. He'll understand, he's not cruel. He can come live with us here. “Miss, we're leaving. Are you boarding?” I looked at her, and then at Eric. I took a step to Eric and the attendant knew what I meant. “Good for you Miss. I hope your father understands.” She turned into the gateway and shut the door behind her.

I turned to see Eric's face as white as a sheet. As the plane flew off, I threw myself into his arms and kissed him once again. “I love you and I always have! From the first time I met you I loved you! I'm not going anywhere. My dad will just have to accept that.” I stated. His face returned to normal color, “I love you too, Elle!”

Little did I think he would, he never did.

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