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S?nya not S?nya

October 31, 2007
By Anonymous

The first time I met Sonya, I was thinking to myself, “Wow, this is gonna be a long night.” It was at work, and I had been told by fellow co-workers about how everyone hates working with Sonya. When you first look at Sonya, you have to take a second glance at her because she has the weirdest eyes. They aren't blue, but they're not green either. They look gray, but they're not. Her eyes aren't only a very weird color, but they seem to just pop out of her head and eye sockets like some sort of bug. It seems her strange eyes go along with her un-groomed eyebrows and crooked teeth that look like a monster's teeth that fit perfectly in her crooked smile. All this seems to counteract with her sweat dripped face and sweaty gray hair that sticks out the bottom of her Hy-Vee Kitchen hat. Her hair appears as if it feels like a slimy dog's wet hair. I always thought that our hats looked ridiculous, but never as bad as I did when I first saw one on Sonya. It did not complement her at all with her round face on her short, stout body, and stubby legs like a hobbit. She wears black high-waisted sweatpants, and grandpa's Velcro shoes. She wears her Hy-Vee name tag that has Sonya on it, but it should have S?nya, so everyone knows how to pronounce it, along with her 12 years of service underneath it. Sonya's scent is like a Starbuck's coffee house, because she always drinks their tea and coffee. Hopefully this has given you a good picture of Sonya and how she appears, but remember, not everyone gets to look their best at work in a kitchen.

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