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Love is Stronger than Fear

January 30, 2011
By ilovelucy469 GOLD, Annapolis, Maryland
ilovelucy469 GOLD, Annapolis, Maryland
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I rather be hated for what i am, then to be loved for what im not.

She stared into the darkness, clutching her knees close to her stomach. Every time the lighting struck, it flooded her best friend’s room with blinding white light that forced her to smother a pained cry. Salty tears came streaming down her face, falling on to her friend’s bed. When a thunderous earsplitting clap rumbled out, Cassie jolted off the bed and ran to take cover from the cruel, heartless storm.
Gerald couldn’t find her anywhere. They were just about to watch a movie like they do every Friday night and he left for a minute or so to pop the popcorn. While he was in the kitchen it had started to storm pretty hard outside but he hadn’t taken much notice to it. When he came back to the living room he realized that Cassie was gone. At first he thought it was a joke but when she didn’t return his calls that’s when the anxiety hit.

“Cassie! Cassie where are you?!” He bellowed straining his ears for a response but the only voice he heard was his own echoing through the halls. A crushing silence fell upon the house only to be interrupted by a loud crack of thunder. “Damn it Cassie! Answer me!” He shrieked, still no answer. He searched every room in the house leaving a trail of chaos behind him until his room was the only room left in the entire house. He flung his door open and called out, “Cassie? Please answer me.” Desperation leaking into his voice, he turned to leave with a bitter feeling of defeat when he heard a hushed, almost inaudible whimper that came from his closet. “Cassie?” He said while nearing his closet. He reached out for the cold brass knob and slowly drew open the door. Gerald shoved aside his coats and dress shirts and there in the corner was Cassie sitting with her arms wrapped tightly around her legs. Her eyes where wide open but unseeing and tears were streaming down her cheeks. It broke his heart to see his best friend in such a state of fear. He got down on his knees to make his face level with hers. “Cassie? Are you alright?” He mentally cussed to himself, of course she wasn’t alright you idiot. A deafening crack of thunder sounded through the room causing Cassie to let out a low moan and have violent shudders throughout her body. The second after Gerald saw this display; he scooped her up into his arms and held her tightly against his chest. “Shhhh, its ok Cassie, its ok.” He said in a soothing whisper. Cassie let out tortured moan and buried her head into his chest. Gerald stroked Cassie’s long ash blonde hair and gently rocked her back and forth while whispering soothing things into her ear. “You’re afraid of thunder storms aren’t you?” He said in a soft voice. Cassie looked up into Gerald’s steely gray eyes and gave a trembling, short nod.
“I’ve been terrified of them ever since my mom died when I was eight in a car accident while it was thunder storming.” Cassie said in a hushed, small voice. “And my dad was always working so whenever it stormed….” She trailed off.
“No one was there to help you through it.” Gerald said finishing her sentence. With his mind set Gerald said in a low, soft voice, “You’re never going to be alone again.” Cassie hugged Gerald firmly and whispered,
“Thanks Ger.” She said using her old nickname for him. And for the rest of the storm they sat there, clinging on to each other, never loosening their grips. Cassie still flinched every time it thundered or when lightning struck but this time it was different because unlike all those other times she wasn’t alone, she had someone to hold on to, someone who loved her.

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I hope you guys like, tell me if there is something wrong with it.

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on Jun. 21 2011 at 3:42 pm
JoPepper PLATINUM, Annandale, Virginia
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"Freedom is the ability to not care what the other person thinks."

"Not all those who wander are lost" --JRR Tolkien

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Awww that was really cute!!!!  The only thing I thought should change is use more pronouns.  But other than that That was really good Keep writing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))