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I Woke Up to the Sound of Raindrops...

December 4, 2007
By Anonymous

I woke up to the sound of raindrops on my window and screaming chaos downstairs. Its not unusual to wake up to this sound because it's pretty routine. As I crawl out from under my warm blanket, a shiver is thrown down my spine from the cold tingle of the floor on my feet. I walk tip toe across my bedroom trying not to wake the twins just yet. They look so cute sleeping so cuddled together, I'll wait ten more minutes before I wake them up for school. The door creaks open as the sound of my step-fathers voice echos through the house, I quickly turn my head to make sure my brothers are still sleeping.
A click from the clock and I realize it's 6:45, time to dress my brothers for school, brush their teeth, and feed them breakfast. Silence finally fills the room until a holler from downstairs fills the hallway once again but this time it was my mother yelling for help. Looks like we're going to be late for school, again.
Twenty minutes late and I had to lie to mine and my brothers teacher once again. I blamed it on the weather and told them one of my brothers fell into a puddle of mud on the way and we had to turn around and get new clothes. They believed it like usual but I don't know how long I can make up these excuses.

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