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Imagination Land

December 3, 2007
By Anonymous

As I stare at the paper, the light bounces of the blank page and lights up my face. I amr acing through thoughts, ideas, anything I can come up with, just something unique I can get out of the ink of my pen. All I can hear is the ticking of the clock. Surrounded by fields of no ideas I can see the worst wall ever. It's shadow is already shading me from the sun. Engraved in the side of it "Writer's Block". I've faced this wall a few times in my day and I know that there are a couple tricks to it; the most important; it is never what it seems. Making sure the guards are preoccupied by something else, I get right up next to the wall and can't find any way around. Then I notice an outline on the wall about four feet by four feet. I push on it and now there is an opening through the wall. Crawling on my knees I am now on the other side of the wall. Anxiously I wait till I see someone. All I can hear is the thudding on the ground, it sounds like footsteps of possibly a dinosaur. The next thing I hear is
"Hey there buddy, how's it going?"
I am speechless, I turned around and it was none other then the JOLLY GREEN GIANT
"Well If I'm just gonna have a conversation with myself I'll be on my way"
-No don't go I was just so stunned at your freshness
"Oh, well thank you, but I am in a hurry. So let's get right to the point"
Pulling something from his vine.
"Can I interest you in any fresh picked greenery?"
-I'm sorry Mr. Green but I'm here to try and find some sort of story and I don't think you grow those.
"No I don't but I was talking to those new Afghanistan exchange student and he sure had alot of them"
Taking his advice I head down Education Lane looking for the local high school wehre the reported exchange student went to school. Entering the school the first thiing I notice is that there is sign that saws "Must Sign-in before walking aorund". There is no way the secretaries will give me a pass, so like James Bond I get passed the door way and no one notices. I have no idea where I am, I've never been here before. All I know is I need a stroy before class or I'm finished. As I am walking through the school I pass a room with a teacher and a group of students on the floor listening. I don't need the exchange student anymore I have found a storyteller. I enter and everyone looks at me like I'm a crazy person. I tell them that I'm just loking for a story and that they should just go back t owhat they were doing. The teacher starts to tell a story of a puppy getting lost. When it is found it has turnedinto a dog. How am I going to use this, this is kids stuff I need a real story. I go back into the hall thinking that I really need to find that exchange student. I look over my shoulder and see someone in an authority uniform, for some reason I just start running, everything goes black.
As soon as I come back I jump up, What just happened? I have a pen in my hand, and I look down and see a blank piece of paper. This is horrible this essay is due in an hour and I have no idea what to write about.

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