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Piece of the year

January 4, 2011
By BrookXoxo BRONZE, Andrews AFB, Maryland
BrookXoxo BRONZE, Andrews AFB, Maryland
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Something is absolutely crucial to every special Christmas. It isn’t fancy or expensive gifts, nor how abundant the amount you spent on every person, but the Christmas Tree. Whether fake or real, it is the basis of Christmas. It is what almost makes Christmas, with the exception of Santa. And mine may be fake, but every ornament has a meaning and a creator. The presents may be few, but it brings the Christmas mood. My Christmas Tree is located in the messy living room.
On the top of the Christmas tree is and Angel tree topper from Germany. Real feathers make her white wings that almost rise above her porcelain head. Elegant acorn brown porcelain hair falls behind her wings gracefully. Her petite and whitened hands are wrapped in a elegant silver wrap with glitter randomly sprinkled on the wrap. Her white dress fawns out from her bust, with pretty ribbon from the wrap gently gliding mid-length. Snowflake patterned in sparkly white jewels scattered around her dress, finally lined with white fur on the end as the real tree begins. The Angel is truly the crowning jewel of the tree.
Fake pine needles with no ornaments hanging start at the end of the angels complex dress. The needles start to poke out aimlessly. The lights simply start to dot the tree, giving full glory to the angle topper. The white LED lights almost make a check pattern around the topper. The ornaments seem to scare from this part of the tree, as if no one will look at them with the angel topper before them. So many eyes rush down the ornaments. Candy canes hoping not to be eaten. Wooden ornaments made by hand. All ornaments made by hand with the exception of one given by a special long distance friend. That particular ornament is treasured.
Snowmans dance happily around the tree. Penguins slide down the needles, as if the needles are ice paths. Crochet wreathes scatter down the tree, carefully placed around the needles. Sewed ornaments lay gaily, basking in their LED spot lights. Stars seem to be levitating, held by a perfectly concealed string. Doves flutter gorgeously around the branches. Ornaments made by specific family members smile. Sea shells turned into Santa's magically rest in the bowels of the tree. Pictures of children with mall Santa's long forgotten rest gently in the dark crevices of the Christmas tree. Most eyes ignore and conceal the fine craftsmanship and quality of the ornaments. Most only care about the presents. I hope you care about the ornaments because they truly are special and need to be admired.

Eyes rush to the presents. Squishy, round, fragile, hard, unique,handmade, store bought, but always secret are dotting the tree skirt. Gold wrapping paper, tissue paper, paw prints, red paper, green, penguins, snowmans, they bring Christmas joy. All this are showered on a tree skirt. The tree skirt has a blue background, with snowmans covered by gifts, red rings. The skirt holds it all together, a secret component in the classic Christmas tree. Sadly, this tree won’t make it more than a week after Christmas. The tree will be stripped of ornaments, and thrown carelessly to the curb as trash. The ornaments packed away, shoved carelessly in boxes. The candy canes rediscovered and eaten. Goodbye to the Christmas tree.

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