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The Parable of Queen Vercie

December 31, 2010
By Praefiscine SILVER, Snohomish, Washington
Praefiscine SILVER, Snohomish, Washington
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Little brother Elestan,

No longer boy, not yet a man,

Was called upon by Queen Vercie.

“I am not pleased with you.” Said she.

“Word spreads swiftly, flames severe

And dire news have reached my ear.

Your soot has dirtied Sire’s cloak.”

In vain protest, the servant spoke.

“My Queen, it’s so! The fault is true.

May I but speak to Him and rue-”

She did not listen to his plea,

But waved her hand and banished he.

Rules held Vercie to her core,

The King’s Regulations four.

They forbade filth upon the throne

And never would it she condone.

Then, one night, Vercie caught wind

The King returned to see his kin.

She sang and He she ran to meet

Taking to knees at His feet

“Oh King, your bride has faithful

I’ve punished he that commits sin.

My heart is still yet pure as snow

So fret you not, my dearest beau.”

The King brought her to her feet

And took to rest in his seat.

“Queen, my love for you is strong.

But you must know how you are

Do not condemn the common man

As it is only I that can.

For he knew of his every crime

And wished I’d wash away the grime.

You do not see, you are the same.”

Vercie hung her head in shame.

“How I wish to please you, King,

But nothing to you do I bring.”

The King then said with great

“Bring the man back to my land.

We shall feast and share our wit,

And every sin I shall aquit.”

And so it was the King forgave,

Queen, Elestan, and any knave

Who made his will become their own

And rules were but a seed hath

The author's comments:
This piece I wrote for the youth leader of my church's message. The inspiration was the hate that so many people have to put up with in today's world. No one has the right to condemn or judge others!

I imagine this is probably pretty easy to interpret, but just for reference:

King = King of all Kings? ...God.
Queen Vercie = Christian that condemns others when it isn't their place
Elestan = Someone who isn't of faith

By the way, I listed this as fiction because it is epic (not meaning 'awesome', ha ha) poetry that focuses on a story, with characters, setting (albeit a vague one)and a point.

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