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Maybe it Was My Fault

November 15, 2007
By Anonymous

Okay Okay, maybe it was my fault. Sure I was standing in the baseball diamond when I should have been in my Math class, but it was to nice of a day not to. I'm getting ahead of myself now. I should start from the beginning.
It was April 21st when I became a 'criminal.' The sun was shining and the grass was starting to dry. Finally. It had been raining for about two weeks now. I mean raining hard. The expression, it's raining cats and dogs, didn't even began to cover it. Anyway, like I said it was sunny out. The outdoors had been beckoning me ever since the sun finally broke out of the clouds. That had been in the middle of my English class. I spent the remainder of class gazing out the window. When the bell rang, like the other kids, I gathered my stuff. Unlike the other kids I put all of it in my locker and walked out the back door. To the baseball diamond.
A little voice had been saying, go to your math class, this is a bad idea, go to your math class. As soon as I walked out that door, it realized it was fighting a losing battle and shut up. Smiling I went to the only place people couldn't see me. The baseball diamond. I made it to the diamond, and kicked off my high heels and twirled in circles barefoot. Blades of the still wet grass stuck to my feet. As I twirled and whirled, something hit me in the head. Not the most pleasant feeling, especially if it happens to be a three ring binder, filled with papers. I fell to the ground and rubbed my head vigorously where I had been wailed. A lump about the size of my fist started to swell almost immediately. Tears welled up in my eyes.
"That frigging hurt," I whispered. I don't no why I was whispering when I had just been hit in the head, but I was. After about five minutes of swearing under my breath, I finally decided to see what hit me in the head. I looked around and saw the red three ring binder. OFFICIAL TEST ANSWERS it said on the binder. I opened it and saw SAT answers. I flipped through it and as I scanned one of the pages, I heard a little cough.
My heart beating fast I looked up into the face of a security guard.
"Hi," I said hesitantly.
"What do you have there?" He asked.
"Umm...nothing," I smiled.
"Let me see the cover," He grunted. I swallowed and showed him it.
"Yeah, that's nothing," He muttered. He grabbed me by the arm and dragged me to the office, he carried the binder in one hand, I carried my shoes.
So that's why I'm here, in Saturday detention. I would have been expelled, but since my records, I got off easily.
So, here's my tip: Don't look at stuff that isn't yours. Also if you get hit in the head by something, don't look at it.

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