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November 23, 2010
By thestorycritic GOLD, Hyderabad, Other
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I should really master a little bit of patience, or time management. Why?
Because, yesterday I was chatting with a guy on whom uptil very recently I had this huge crush on him. Why recently? Because I decided that I don't really like him that much anymore.Anyway, he was ill yet was worried that I wasn't having dinner! He makes it kinda hard for me to stick to my decisions. So I think, no problem I'll see him in school, no hurry. But then, he decides to skip school.. maybe he was really ill. The jacka**:| So I come back home, thinking he would've replied. He din't. I log off Facebook, and go watch TV. Music channel=reality show. Flip. Weepy family. Flip. Screaming, hysterical people. Flip. Pamela Anderson on Bigg Boss, a crappy version of Big Brother. I switch off the TV and go grab a spoon from the kitchen and have some yummy Nutella which by the way I'm not supposed to have. While licking the spoon, I think maybe now. I switch on the computer, as I wait for it to boot I converse with God promising him that I wouldn't have anymore Nutella, if he had replied. Logging in. He hadn't.:| But, its okay because I don't care about him, and he can just go rot in hell. I mean I have better things to do like,.. umm.. ahh.. uhh..whatever! I do have things to do, like like cleaning my room. Yes. So, you can just keep your stupid reply to yourself because I don't care.

Still no reply.

The author's comments:
I like to talk with my diary, like its a real person. I just do. A rant about how frustrating my life is =)

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