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My Fortress

November 9, 2007
By Anonymous

Once upon a time, I started out with nothing but a brick, and absolutely no thought came to make me think of what to do with it. So I sat and stared for a good length of time, never figuring out how to make this brick mine. And than I fell asleep, and woke to find thousands of bricks on my floor, there were so many, but what do I need them for. Than I found a thought that set ablaze, the very idea of what to make of these will surely amaze. So I took these bricks and built them tall, I never stopped, and I never stalled. And there before me, my fortress was born, its sole purpous was to protect my world from ever being torn. So I had built a masterpiece, a true work of art and beauty, a symbol that showed nothing inside of me. I left my blue skies open, and I didn't mind the rain, but never shall the darkness enter into my domain. Oh how terribly wrong I would turn out to be, how was I to know that it would all just turn on me? I felt the ground begin to shake, and thought for sure, that there was nothing at stake. Until my blue skies had turn to grey, and foul smells began to stray. The clouds that used to be so bright, had brought nothing but lightning all that night. I trembled and I was lost in fear, and I screamed at the darkness, but it didn't hear. My fortress that had once protected me, had turned around to give me sorrow, and took away my sunshine that I had saved for tommorow. Now the skies are grey, with little shots of blue, and there's no fortress to protect me, and I don't know what to do. I spent time, it was a part of me, oh why don't you see? It was so much more than a fortress or a comfort zone, it was my everything, my home. But like every fortress, that has been broken and shattered, there's always a home for the beaten and battered. My walls may be gone, but not is my heart, and the will to keep fighting will never part. Once upon a time, I started out with nothing but a brick, and who wouldv'e ever thought of the things you could do with it?

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