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Fey of the Sea

November 9, 2007
By Anonymous

Sitting on the jagged rocks, with the cold wind slashing into my face, I look out to the rough dark waters. The cold has penetrated my body, yet I don’t shiver. Wave after wave crashing down on the rocks, salt water spraying itself on me. The storm is visible off shore, I can see flashes of white emerging every now and then from the black clouds.
Alone, sitting here, I wonder and wonder. I wonder about millions of things I had never thought of, all at once. Days, hours, minutes, seconds…….how long I’ve been here is a mystery. Now, I hear it. Not the birds or the storm, or the wind. I hear it and she’s calling me. I realize that I am now standing, walking. The edge of the jetty is near.
The wall of water hits me; my body does not mind the sharp intense cold. If anything, I welcome the familiar, warming feeling. Deeper and deeper still I sink. Soon sea grass and kelp forests surround me. Becoming tangled is no fear of mine. I swim through admiring the tall trees of underwater green.
I kick off my shoes and untie my hair, letting it spread and swim with the currents. Soon my skirt and jacket sink to the sand. Left with nothing but undergarments, I am able to swim with freedom.
I swim further and further until there is no hint of where I have began. Fish of huge sizes pass me with ease, their scales are a murky green and brown, light reflects off them and makes them appear to be some sort of magic. One fish slides past me, its smooth, slick scales graze my leg.
I swim faster and faster until I realize that I am underneath the storm. I am the only creature out in the open waters. This brings me back the same feeling of solitude which I am all too accustomed to.
Nevertheless, I am where I must be. The cold, dark, ugly waters are all too beautiful in my eyes. Staying still, I float and savor my surroundings. I cannot tell if I am crying for my face has become accustomed to the water again. Now, I truly remember my origins. Then I promise and promise, that I shall never leave my home again.

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