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A Wonderful Beginning of a Sinful Start

September 20, 2010
By Physics981 PLATINUM, York, Pennsylvania
Physics981 PLATINUM, York, Pennsylvania
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Failures help one grow as a person.

After a massive explosion from a cosmic catastrophe, a little piece of land was created with a seed deep inside its core. Through a long period of time, that seed blossomed and grew into the protector of this little piece of land. The tree was stable, strong, wide, and had an uncountable amount of leaves that illuminated bright streams of yellow light in all directions. From one of these leaves, a new creature was developed that could separate itself from the tree. This creature could walk, see, and hear. It wandered around the land by itself with no companions. Every time it passed by the tree, it stopped for a few moments and bowed to the tree. Through some natural urges, it began to eat some familiar grasses on its path. After a while, this creature laid down with no thoughts in its conscience. Suddenly, it felt connected to the tree again, being gently called back. When it woke up, it found itself next to the base of the tree with a similar creature circling it. Surprised to see a similar creature, the two became companions. The older creature started to teach the younger one all that it knew. All it could teach the younger one was that survival only required food and sleep. For centuries, these two creatures lived without any trouble obeying these rules. They started to develop entertainment, shelters, and a sense of fraternity. Everything was swell and uninterrupted until one day when the two creatures started to find that the tree has created many more beings. Because there were more than two creatures now, food shortage became a concern. Because of that, the oldest creature suggested that they had to plant more grasses to survive. At first, all creatures followed the advice of the oldest creature. Then one creature became lazy and started to eat off the bark of the protector tree. When asked, this creature always denied that it had done no such action. One lazy creature became two; two became four; four became eight. Soon enough, half of the population was feeding itself from the tree. From the bark, they eventually started to eat the leaves, then the roots. One day, the tree was completely destroyed, leaving an empty hole where its roots used to fill. This vacancy caused a disturbance in the ground, making it rumbling and shaking. The peaceful land was separated into two entities with the hardworking creatures on one side and the lazy creatures on the other. Now that the tree was gone, the lazy creatures had to start planting grasses, but in the process, many of them starved death. Only two were lucky enough to survive until the first piece of grass grew up. Feeding from that first piece of grass, those two creatures became the first two beings on Earth, regretting what they have done and promising to themselves to teach the younger generations of the oldest creature’s teachings.

The author's comments:
I was assigned to create an origin legend that embeds the concepts that I value. Let's see how many values you can tell from reading this little passage.

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