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always loving never loved

September 16, 2010
By artemis12 SILVER, Grand Prairie, Texas
artemis12 SILVER, Grand Prairie, Texas
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do as you wish and say what you feel because those whi mind dont matter and those who matter dont mind.

Always loving, Never loved.

Chapter 1:Not Afraid
Sayuri's POV:

'RUN! Just keep running.' I thought to myself. i ran forward in the dark night trying to keep my feet moving. 'Hes getting closer. I cant let him get me. not again not tonight. Why? Why tonight? Why did he have to come home tonight of all nights. I wanted to cry and remember her smile again. I thought he was going to stay at the bar all night like normal. Why?'

I stumbled forward and scrapped the palm of my hand. My bare feet hit the parks cold damp grass and I could hear my heartbeat pound in my ears.

'Mommy where are you? you promised you wouldn't leave. you promised you wouldn't let him hurt me anymore. Mommy i need you.'

Tears burned in my eyes and i quickly wiped them away. i pulled on my shirt trying to keep it up. the rips that he made were causing it to fall off while I ran.

"SAYURI!! Where are you d*mn it.. Get over here now.. I don't like playing games girl."

I heard his voice getting closer. I wanted to scream out for help, but I knew I couldn't. he was to close. I continued running through the trees.

'Please God save me.'
just a few short steps after that silent prayer my face slammed hard into the legs of a really tall skinny man.

"Wow slow down little girl are you ok? Wait a minute what is a little girl like you doing in the park at such a late hour?"

I looked all around me franticly I was at my breaking point. I couldn't take anymore. My breathing increased dramatically and I wanted so badly to break down and cry.

'stop it, keep running. he is going to get you.' I got back up and started to run again but the man grabbed me up to face him. I kicked and wiggled trying to escape.
"Let go of me I have to run. I can't let him get me." I screamed but he just held on tighter.
He turned around to face the car behind him.
"What should I do?" I looked at him strangely.
'Who is this nut job and who is he talking to?'
A soft angelic voice came from the car.
"What do you think? we must protect her obviously."
My heart stopped at that moment and it seemed like the whole world had slowed down. I hesitantly looked in the direction of the voice. There in the back seat was a young girl probably one or two years older then me with a sweet innocent smile on her face.
'She says she wants to protect me. No one ever protects me.. Who. Who is she?'
"Of course." the tall man said breaking through my thoughts.
"Tell me little one who are you running from? How old are you?"
I answered calmly while starring into his dark gray eyes.
"My daddy..He.. He wants me to do ugly things. I'm scared of him. I'm only seven."
I didn't understand why I answered so willingly. I was overwhelmed with a warm feeling of safety. I heard a tussling of leaves coming from behind me. I looked over the mans shoulder and saw Him coming into the opening. "Sayuri! how dare you cause me trouble.! You ungrateful little brat!"
The man put me down and turn to face my dad. He pushed me behind him protectively.
"Pardon me for intruding in your business but it seems the young lady does not want to have anything to do with you and my madam has instructed me to protect her. So please make things easier on us and leave."
I looked at my dad and saw his face become completely angry. He took a chug of the beer bottle in his hand and yelled.
"How dare you tell me what to do. I'll teach you not to get in any others private problems."
He swayed forward bottle in hand and swung at the man. He missed and fell face first into the pavement road. He yelled in agony holding on to his bleeding face.
"Come young one. we should leave him be."
The tall man helped me get into the back of the car before running to the front to drive.
"Hi I'm kimiko. That's my families driver Thomson." I looked up at her and my heart began to flutter.
'Mother are you watching this? Did you send her to me? oh Mother why am I having such strange feelings and for a girl.??'
"So whats your name?" she asked looking me up and down in an observing manor.
"I'm Sayuri.. Um what were you doing out here?”
“We were on our way home from my cello recital when our tire had popped. Your lucky it did though. Are you ok? You look so pale.” She brushed a stray hair from my face and all my fears went away.
“I'm fine now. Thank you.”
I began to feel sleepy in that warm car. I yawned and she put my head on her lap.
“Go to sleep. We'll keep you safe for now.”
I slowly closed my eyes and let everything blur.
I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock. I looked around the room with tired eyes. I saw Kimiko laying half way on the floor asleep her legs hanging off of her bed.
"Kimiko wake up its time to get dress!"
I threw a pillow at her face and she jumped up startled.
"What the h*ll?" she looked at me furious. "Get up loser its time to go." I told her rubbing my eyes of sleep. she wrinkled her nose, sighed, then got up aggravated.
"Man I cant ever get any sleep around here..." she mumbled heading towards the restroom. I sighed laying my head in my hand thinking back on my dream.
'Why do I keep dreaming of when I first met her?'

The author's comments:
I wrote this because I like the idea of it.

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