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Finding Our Way

June 24, 2010
By Zzzie SILVER, North Canton, Ohio
Zzzie SILVER, North Canton, Ohio
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Thank you for reading this. Before I start this story I want to say please forgive any spelling mistakes. The main chartered in this story is a heavily pregnant she-cat who's name is Sara. She has golden brown fur and amber eyes. Sara's mate, Aren, is badly hurt. He has light gray fur and light blue eyes.

Part One - Sara
I awoke to a pink sky. Dawn was here. Hunger yowled in my belly. I was tired no matter how much sleep I managed to get. But however many pains I felt, I knew my mate, Aren, was worse. I stared licking his gray fur, which was covered in dry blood, as I thought to myself, "How could life turn so wrong, so fast?"
If someone asked me a few days ago how my life was, I would have said it could never get better. I wasn't as hungry, well, hungry for leaf-bear I should say, Aren wasn't hurt, and I knew my kits would have a safe home when they come.
I'm going to have kits any day now and we don't have a home. It's all because of a rough, who appeared in our home a few days ago. He said we had to get out or get hurt. We should have known he had friends near by when he said that, because a minuet later they were all tearing Aren to pieces, which forced me to say we would leave.
Aren awoke, looked at me, and said, "I'll go hunt."
" No," I replied,” I don't want you to hurt yourself, but if you must, then I'm hunting too." I knew he didn't want me hunting because of the kits, but he knew I was doing better than him at that time.
"Fine. But please tell me if you feel any thing, ok?"
"Ok." I had won.
In the end I caught two small mice fighting over a seed and Aren caught a hurt bird. While we ate, we both were looking at each other and thinking the same thing: We were lucky to catch that much.
"Well, we better get going." I finally said. Aren and I were trying to find some Clans we heard of. We were hoping one of them would let us become members. I knew it was a long shot, but with the short amount of time we had, we didn't have many choices.

Part Two - Aren
Every step was a pain for me and the only thing that kept me going was the fact, if we found a Clan before Sara had the kits, they would be safe. I might not live to see that day, but I will try. I love Sara and would do anything for her.
It was sun high before I noticed the smell change in the piney forest we were in.
"Sara, do you smell that?" I asked.
"Yes," she replied, "I smell something else too. It smells like..."
"Cats!" We said together. As if on cue, four cats jumped out from behind us. There was a dark ginger she-cat, a black-and-white tom, a tortoiseshell she-cat, and a smaller black tom. All of them were crouched down ready to spring at a moment's notice.
I crouched down too. I knew it wouldn't be much of a fight, but if I was going down I would leave behind some scratches those cats won't soon forget. I only hoped they were kind enough not to hurt Sara.
"Who are you and what are you doing here?" the dark ginger she-cat demanded.
"My name is Sara and his name is Aren," Sara said pointing her tail toward me. "We need a home. My kits will be here any day now. Aren is hurt and we have nowhere to go. We came here in search for the Clans. Are you from one of them?" Sara asked.
"Yes, we are from ShadowClan," the she-cat replied. "My name is Russetfur and ShdowClan does not welcome any outsiders. Leave our land now or we will attack you."
"But-" Sara tried to say
"Leave NOW. Tawnypelt, take them to the border. Stay there until you can't see them any more and if that tom is trouble, you can give him a few starches to remember us by." Russetfur said to the tortoiseshell she-cat.
"Yes Russetfur." replied Tawnypelt. As the rest of the cats walked away Tawnypelt turned to us and said "I'll take you to the ThunderClan border. They are the ones who will be most likely to welcome you. My brother, Brambleclaw, is the deputy there. Wait by the border until the dawn patrol comes in the morning. When they find you, you must act like you found ThunderClan by your self. I could get in trouble if Russetfur found out about this." Tawnypelt said to us.
" Thank you very much,” I said to her. I couldn't believe she was helping us.
" We have to get going" Tawnypelt said. "I should be home before the sun sets. So we started walking slowly to the ThunderClan border.

Part Three - Hollyleaf
"Wake up Hollyleaf. Time for the dawn patrol. I don't think Firestar would be very happy if you were late." I heard Brankenfur saying to me.
"I'll be there in a minuet." I said to him.
" Oh, Whitewing asked us to take Icepaw out too." Brackenfur informed me.
"Thanks for telling me" I said back.
Out in the woods, I felt more awake. "Where are we going today?" I asked Firestar, who was leading the patrol.
"To the ShadowClan border. They have been quiet lately but I still want to cheek it out,” he replied to me.
Once we got there, Firestar and Brankenfur started renewing the sent markers. I took Icepaw ahead to see what we could sniff out. "What do you smell?" I asked her.
"I smell the ShadowCaln border over there, a mouse over there and a fresh cat scent, but not ShadowClan. Who do you think it is Hollyleaf?" Icepaw asked me.
"I don't know but, we better go back and tell Firestar" I said nervously. We had no idea who it was. They were close and I didn't feel like getting in a fight right then.
We ran back and told Firestar, who wanted to smell the sent for himself. "There are two cats. One is a tom and the other is a she-cat. There's also a sent of cat blood, so one of them must be hurt." Firestar said. "I think it's safe to talk to them but, Icepaw if there is a fight, I want you to run as fast as you can to camp for help."
"When I give the signal, I want you all to surround them while I talk. Don't attack unless I tell you to is that under stood?" Firestar said.
We crept up on the unknown cat. When Firestar gave the signal, we leaped out from the bushes we were hiding in and surrounded the cats. To our surprise the golden she-cat was pregnant and the light gray tom had many wounds. They both looked very hungry and very tired. The tom was staring at the she-cat, but was now on his feet staring at us. The she-cat examined us closely.
Firestar approached them.” My name is Firestar," he said, “ The black she-cat is Hollyleaf, the golden brown tom is Brackenfur, and the little white she-cat is Icepaw. What are your names?"
"My name is Sara and his name is Aren. We are both tired and hungry. My kits will be here any day now. Aren is hurt. We were kicked out of out home, so we came here in search of the Clans. Are you from one of them?" The she-cat said. Aren was still staring at us.
"I am leader of ThunderClan." Firestar said to them. "You are welcome to stay with us until your kits are old enough to travel, as long as you mind our Warrior Code. Our medicine cat can help you too. If you find that you like Clan life we will also welcome you as members of our Clan."
Now Aren was staring at Firstar in surprise. "Thank you so much. We never thought you would be so kind," Sara said.
"Your welcome. We should get back to camp now. Icepaw, run back and tell Brambleclaw about Sara and Aren," Firestar said.
I walked up to Sara. "Here, you can lean on me, if you want to." I said to her.
"Thank you," Sara said. She paused for a moment, and then asked, "Could you tell me about Clan life?"
"Sure. All of us work together so we can live. Queens and elders are feed before the Clan is. There is many cats in the Clan, so that might take some getting used to." I told Sara.
"Oh, I don't think I'll mind that to much. It feels a little lonely just living with Aren. That's why I was so happy when I found out about the ki..." Sara stopped short, her words gone. She closed her eyes very tight for a moment. When she opened them she said, " My kits are coming!" in a rushed voice.
Aren came over to Sara, who was lying on the ground now, with his eyes full of worry. Firestar looked at Sara for a second, then he looked at me. "Hollyleaf, run back to camp and get Leafpool," he said.
One second I was standing still, the next second I was flying back toward camp. When I got there, I raced to the medicine cat den where Leafpool, the medicine cat, and Jaypaw, my blind brother who is a medicine cat apprentice, were.
"There is a cat in the forest whose kit's are coming!" I said in a quickly to the two of them.
"Ok," Leafpool said to me. Then she turned to Jaypaw. "Jaypaw, go get as much borage as you can carry. I'll get some poppy seeds and a few other things." As we ran back to Sara, I told them everything I thought they would need to know about Sara at the moment.
When we reached her, I saw Firestar and Brachenfur each licking a kit while Aren was trying to calm Sara. Leafpool put the herbs that she was holding down and ran up to Sara. "My name is Leafpool. I am here to help you."
"Thank- Yowl!!" Sara tried to say as another kit came out.
Leafpool handed the kit to me. "Lick it's fur the wrong way to warm it up and get it breathing," she said. Then Leafpool turned to Jaypaw. "Jaypaw, put your paw here," Leafpool positioned his paw and said in a calm voice, "You know what to do. You've done this before."
Sara let out one more yowl as the as the last kit came out. Aren grabbed it and started licking it. I felt everyone relax when the last kit came, Aren more than the others. It was over.

Part Four - Sara
I never felt so tired in my life. I never felt so happy or so proud ether. I finally had kits. " Bring them all over here," I said in a weak voice to the other cats. One by one they all did as I asked.
When Aren came over he looked at the kits and then looked at me with shining eyes. "I've never felt so proud,” he said to me.
"I know what you mean," I told him.
There were three she-cats and one tom. "What should we name them?" I asked Aren.
"Since they will grow up in ThunderClan, we should give them clan names," he said.
"Ok. While don't we name the light gray she-cat with white spots and blue eyes Spottedkit?"
"How about the golden brown she-cat with amber eyes Larkkit?" Aren said.
"And the pure gold she-cat with blue eyes Dawnkit."
"How about this tom? He has all light gray fur like me but amber eyes like you. What about Mintkit?"
I looked at my kits long and hard. "Spottedkit, Larkkit, Dawnkit and Mintkit. Great names." I said.
"We should be getting back to camp soon. We've used up the herbs we brought. The rest of the Clan will be wondering where we are too." Leafpool said.
Aren, Brakenfur, Leafpool, and Jaypaw all picked up a kit. Hollyleaf let me lean on her again, as my family and I walked off to our new home.

The author's comments:
My first story outside of school! Trust me, I've gotten better at writing since this one.

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PadmeAmidala GOLD, Ramona, California
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I guess I answered my own question haha I absolutely LOVE warriors. This fan-fiction is really good. I definitely needs some revision in the spelling and punctuation, but you did a good job at capturing the warriors feel. It's a great story concept.

Zzzie SILVER said...
on Jul. 18 2010 at 7:20 pm
Zzzie SILVER, North Canton, Ohio
8 articles 0 photos 38 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Think positive, or I'll have to start singing."

Thanks! XD

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Awesome, I read the stories so I know exactly what you're talkin bout. Very good story!