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Mother Earth

June 10, 2010
By Sitav GOLD, Cedar Grove, New Jersey
Sitav GOLD, Cedar Grove, New Jersey
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Once upon a time, there was a tiny little planet.
It was red and hot and very, very young.
This planet was called Earth.
Before long, baby Earth grew up. It cooled off and grew many beautiful green trees and big blue oceans. It looked like jewel among the other planets.Soon after that, planet Earth became a mother and created life that could move and make sounds. These were the dinosaurs. They were big and hungry creatures that loved Mother Earth and never did anything to hurt her. They ran through the trees and swam in the rivers. They napped out in the warm sun and ate plentifully.
One day a big dust cloud covered the sun and took away all the dinosaurs from Mother earth.Mother Earth became very sad and decided to create new life to rule over her surface. She created people. People were not like the dinosaurs. They were not big and they were not as hungry. They cut down the trees of Mother Earth’s forests instead of running through them. They polluted her rivers instead of swimming in them. They created their own cloud that did not block out the sun, but made it hotter, killing Mother Earth.Years passed and people continued to hurt Mother Earth. They removed her trees so she was no longer green. They darkened her oceans so she was no longer blue. Poor Mother Earth cried and cried. But it was of no use. People went about doing as they pleased, without looking down at their once beautiful mother who was now very sick and pale. They began to slowly drain the life out of her and paid no attention to her failing health.
More years passed by and slowly, people changed. One day, they looked down at Mother Earth and gasped at what they saw. They cried and cried and finally asked her what was wrong. She slowly smiled and began to tell them of everything that was hurting her and warned them of what could happen in the future. She told them, “What you do today is responsible for what happens tomorrow.” The people listened and began to think. Then they slowly began to change the world, one little step at a time. They planted trees that they had cut down. They cleaned the waters that they had polluted. They cooled off Mother Earth to comfort her from the sun. Soon, Mother Earth softly smiled. She looked up at people as her oceans became a little more blue and some green was restored to her forests. People were happy with what they saw but they knew that they had to do more. They kept working to make the oceans blue, to make the forests big and green, and to stop the big cloud that made the sun so hot. People looked down and smiled at their mother, promising to make her better every day. They smiled and said, “Mother Earth, what we do today is so that you will be as beautiful as you once were tomorrow.”

The author's comments:
A children's story warning them of the harmfulness humankind has created.

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