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April 21, 2008
By Anonymous

Webster is my imaginary friend. He is a bubble. He has never changed his clothes in his entire life, but that is ok because he comes from a very long line of superty duperty clean soap bubbles. He is lucky that he is a soap bubble. I mean, he could have been one of those bubbles from when you fart when you swim! I’m glad he is not. Any way, he wears very tattered lilac purple jeans from when his girlfriend went psycho when he was in 8th grade. She tried to murder him with a sewing needle! He wears a Polo shirt that is blue and has red stripes He has socks, but you cannot see them under his red, white, and blue Nike shoes. His shoes old, but they sure aren’t new either! Webster has long mildly curly transparent hair. If he was human his hair would probably be blond. If you ever saw him with his shirt off (which you won’t because he never changes clothes and keeps his shirt on when he goes swimming) you will see tiny wings. When he was little he could fly, but now he weighs far too much and his wings can’t lift him off the ground.

On his left cheek you will see a scar from when he was a little bubble on a trip in New York City. While he was there, his mom wanted to go to the Empire State building.
Webster wanted to go, but he knew all to well that he was afraid of heights. So he told his mom he would wait by the door. After five minutes of waiting, some careless taxi driver threw there cigarette out the window. Webster told it something like,” I saw the cigarette and time stopped, I tried to move but I couldn’t. All I could do was stare at the glowing end of the cigarette fly at my face at like a bazillion miles per hour.” The cigarette burned a whole in Webster’s cheek. Webster lost his balance and fell. And the bad part is, when bubbles fall they float up. “I saw the people on the ground and longed to be them, knowing I was hopelessly floating up and never going to see the ground again!” Webster told me when he got back from New York. Luckily Webster’s mom was on the top of the Empire State building and saw the whole thing. She plucked Webster right out of the sky and immediately pulled out her Dr. Barnes’s bubble sewing kit and sewed him right back up.

Webster also wears a electric blue belt that he got from his grand father before he died in bubble war six. Bubbles have many more wars than humans do; and are much more violent. But not Webster, he isn't very violent. Notice is said,”isn't very” (he still carries a bubble killer v2.3 in his pocket). Most of the time Webster is very emotionless.
But that’s only on normal days and he doesn't have many of those. On normal days Webster gets up and goes to the computer and surfs the Web (no his mom did not know he was going to be a computer geek when she named him Webster). He surfs anything, rats, pigeons, the population of Paris, how many hairs a dog looses in his life. He LOVES to search the Internet! But that only on a normal day. Webster has lots of un-normal days too. For instance, when his dog turned into a rabid bubble eater. And when humans discovered his underground lair. His un-normal days are actually becoming quite normal. Soon all of his un-normal days will become normal. On un-normal days Webster is quite loud and energetic. Its kind of funny how one day he is just sitting in front of the computer and the next he is he is outside yelling and fighting needle-armed humans. Well, that is pretty much Webster’s life, appearance, and personality. Hmm...if you have any other questions about Webster, just ask me.

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