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One Down Six To Go

February 8, 2010
By Audrea15 PLATINUM, Murphysboro, Illinois
Audrea15 PLATINUM, Murphysboro, Illinois
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Everybody wants happiness. Nobody wants pain. But you cant have a rainbow. Without a little rain.

Opening the window swiftly but silently I lean in making sure your still there sleeping peacefully in your dreamfilled slumber.

My footfalls are gentle and silent as I reach your bed the eiree silence is almost as bad as the fog filled night.Your room does not remind me of a killers but I know your little secret the one you tried so hard to keep.

The football poster and trophies show that to others you are just a normal teenage boy not one who would kill.The image of my younger sister passes my mind as I pull the razon thin blade from the sheep skin sheath.

She was so happy she had everything prom night a beautiful dress and you.She was innoccent and childish and you took that away you took everything away from her.You even took everything away from me.

When the police found her body they found drugs and alcohol in her system so they ruled it off as sucide not even bothering for a for investingation.

But you didnt even stop ther did you I whispered into your ear as you still sleep without a clue of what will happen next.My mother found her you dont know that part do you.

My mother who was already distraught from the lose of my father was cradling my sister when they found them.

A bullet through each head but, I wont torture you with the details I witnessed.The way my siter auburn hair that I always envied and the way it fell like a veil out of the body bag they took her away in.

Or the look of fear and sadness on my mothers face as she held her.These details will always be my memories.Still talking to the sleeping body I pressed the glinting steel to your kneck.

This seems to wake you as your wide eyes reach mine.Pressing the knife deeper into your kneck not to kill you yet but to let you know whats coming, to be able to see that look of fear that will always imprint my mind.

The images of the funeral pass my mind the way I was the only realative in a room full of people that loved them.

Their hush whispered of how I was going to go on.Everything was because of you, the sad thing is the fact that you werent alone one of seven i remember that clearly.

But your the first to die that way every else will know what is coming to them, that they should watch there back and sleep with one eye open for now.

Till I find them too.My face must have crossed the moonlight because your lips still manage my sisters name.Its a sick,funny thing that you would think she would come back for you.

I do not blame you my sister was my twin we shared the same feature,practicully the same mind.But when you whisper her name again a sick rage fills me,enough rage in fact before I know it the blade has already made its way across your kneck and back into the sheath.

Your eyes roll back into your head in a sickening movement that I am not there to witness because by then I am already out the window and into the dark alley of your apartment.

The worst part of your unexpected death was that I feel no regret.The wickedness in my smile show that the only thing that i feel is the monsterous thing called revenge.

But that revenge has to stay for this is only One down six to go.

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