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It’s What You Wished For

January 20, 2010
By pookie69 BRONZE, North Tonawanda, New York
pookie69 BRONZE, North Tonawanda, New York
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It’s What You Wished For

“Finals due on Tuesday” Mr. Henry yelled as we all pilled out the door it was a long weekend so I knew i had to write this paper unfortunately i picked a topic i didn’t know much about ”Woodstock”. My boyfriend and I had plans to go out for Chinese food tonight as the night came to an end I was getting more nervous about my paper after all I only had three days left to write it, I told my boyfriend Leo about my topic and surprisingly he didn’t know much about it either I told him “I wish I was there, then I could get the real story on what happened “Leo agreed and said that it would make my life a lot easier. As the check came so did the best part about Chinese food “fortune cookies!” Leo’s Fortune read “the good comes with the bad just stay on the road with an open mind” and I open mine and it said”with good fortune comes a road of wisdom let your wishes come true” All of a sudden lights started flashing and all I heard was music my grandpa used to listen to on his cassette tapes I think it was called “little women by bobby Sherman” and we were in a gas station. And everyone was dressed really weird I Asked the Clerk what day it was” august 14th “what year? I replied”1969 of course “ I looked around and Leo was standing in front of the small record rack wearing the weirdest clothes I told him we had to get out of here “you have to mellow out and find inner peace” I told him to shut up and grabbed him and pulled him away. As we walked outside me and leo started talking and he wouldn’t snap out of it he told me bulls*** and told me that I had to “stop listening to the man”.

Meanwhile a big van with peace signs and flowers and bright colors pull in the parking lot and they asked us if we wanted to go with them, and I told Leo no but Leo asked them “where are you heading?” to Woodstock of course Bethel, New York but we got a while to go so if your in were leaving now. We both jumped into the van Leo said “far out” , I asked what their names are and it was Hyde and Daisy. I was freaking out on Leo asking him how are we going to get home and daisy told me” I have to stop let peace in and mellow out” I replied “if someone tells me to mellow out one more time I swear to god.” Daisy told me that was” really deep.”

I fell asleep to all this music they put on “Jimmy Hendricks”, I work up and we were about 2 hours away from were Woodstock was going on we stopped at a gas station Hyde had a flat tire. I never thought I would actually learn anything from that shop class I took when I was sophomore. I told Hyde and Leo to move out of the way and to get me screw driver, and I fixed it Hyde told Leo” that I was so groovy”.

Daisy told us we had to go if we didn’t want to miss the concert we were about an hour behind, And I started to forget about how I was getting home and couldn’t wait to get to the concert ,after all this is the concert that changed American history and music. All of a sudden Hyde said we were going to stop for something I asked him what he was getting and he said not to worry about it but when Hyde stepped out of the car and walked into the small little house that looked like no one was home. I had a feeling that what he got in that house wasn’t anything good, from what I read almost everyone that was at the Woodstock was on a drug called Acid and LSD. We finally made it to the concert it was packed I have never seen so many people in my life as we all got together and sat in a circle when Bret Sommer sang “she’s gone” Hyde gave everyone what looked like a little piece of paper and I asked him what it was he said that I needed to calm down and just have fun, and then I remembered everyone I interviewed for my research and they all did drugs and they said that they would never take anything back. i looked at the piece of paper and looked at Leo and put the piece of paper in my mouth Started to feel weird all I remember is just dancing and listening to music for three days straight And from what I remember was jimmy Hendricks last songs as I came to it Me and Daisy rounded up Hyde and Leo for the way home And on our way home that’s all we could think about was how good of a concert it was then I started to realize how were we going to get home. Hyde and Daisy dropped us off at the gas station and as soon as we walked in the doors the lights started flashing and the ground was shaking and all of a sudden me and leo were sitting at the Chinese restaurant at our table and the waiter brings us our fortune cookies, I look at him he looks oblivious on what just happened he opens up his fortune cookie and he starts to read his fortune cookie “the good comes with the bad just stay on the road with an open mind” I laughed I told him we had to get out of here so I can start my paper he replied ”aren’t you going to read your fortune cookie?” I replied “no” let’s go .Leo asked me so did u figure out what you’re going to write for your story. I laughed I think I have an idea.

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