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A Touch Of Logic MAG

By Anonymous

   "Unbelievable," murmured the old logic professor. "Absolutely stunning." He peered down from behind his pipe and slowly shook his head at what the kitchen help presented before him. "It seems that everything in the entire kitchen has been devoured; everything except these carrots."

It was true. Not a loaf of bread was in sight , not an apple, a cookie, or even a crumb. The long cabinets and the huge, metal refrigerator were bare, all except three small bags of carrots, intended for that night's meal. The cooks followed us around the cafeteria, eager to hear any conclusion the old professor might have to offer. He inspected the counters, the dishwashers, and the series of yellow drying rags lined up on a small rack. The moment was tense for the cooks, the help, and me, except the professor seemed entirely at ease. "I guess we know we're not dealing with any rabbit," I joked.

My intention at making a humorous remark was returned with icy stares and tight lips. Embarrassed, I shrunk back into a corner and watched this great judge and his many onlookers circle the area with sharp eyes and closed minds. He addressed me, "Yes, Michael. I do believe we can proclaim any rabbits innocent of the above charges, if what we have here are charges after all." Someone coughed behind us, and someone else chortled. My ego returned to normal and I managed to smile at the old man, in a silent thanks. He shrugged with a puff of his pipe and returned to his business. They all disappeared into another room, and I listened to his slow, solid footsteps as he made his way into the eating area. His steps were noticeably louder than the others, for he had a small silver circle secured to the sole of each shoe. I remember when I once asked him why and he had told me that they matched his beautiful, silver pocket watch. I had once thought that a wonderfully logical reply when everything else in the world seemed so desperately confusing.

The group now appeared from behind a corner, and all eyes fixed on the professor as he prepared to share his judgment. He glanced at his silver pocket watch, examined his pipe, and looked up into our expectant faces. Nodding at me, he announced, "No, I am quite certain now. It absolutely couldn't have been a rabbit." n

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