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Flower and Dinah's mystical adventures.

December 14, 2009
By NatalieB. GOLD, Loudon, Virginia
NatalieB. GOLD, Loudon, Virginia
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Once upon a time there was a flower, named Flower. Flower liked to go to the theme park and ride all the roller coasters that turn upside down, and went up really high. One day Flower went to visit her friend Dinah, the well known cat mentioned in "Alice in wonderland." They had tea, and churros, and talked about the uselessness of eyebrows.
Dinah enjoyed talking about popular things that never seemed to make much sense like skinny jeans,(both Flower and Dinah agreed they were impossible to walk in, and looked funny on boys), and why ticks exist, (both agreed that they were rather pointless insects.)
Afterward they headed of for a day of fun, and adventure.
To start the day off, they had walked to a penny store where Dinah bought a marvelous new hat,and Flower had gotten a funny little book of poems. On the rest of their weird journey they had encountered some entertaining sights, such as hobos, a strange three headed fox (with a charming medallion on each of three necks), and a reoccurring star shower.(Really stars!!! Scientist always thought they were balls of gas, but no. They are not gas and they are actually very soft and charming little things before they fade.)
Next, walked down a winding path, leading to a small house with a very humble ring waving to them. (For you see, in this world any things can be any one.)
The ring invited them in and introduced them to a very loud friend of hers, a soccer ball named Storm. They chatted for awhile on strange topics, said they're thank you's and goodbye's, and were on they're way.
Soon, they came to the gates of a city. The gates led in to a small ally with a bridge. (Now even this world, this would strike someone as strange because everyone knows there is no point in a bridge over dry land.)
But the Flower and Dinah ignored this strange phenomenon, and walked over the bridge. "Ow!!!!" The bridge declared. Flower and Dinah Jumped at this comment. (For even in this strange world, bridges do not talk or feel pain for that instance.)
"Why would you do that?" the bridge asked. "Why would you do that without asking?" Flower explained that the bridge was there, bridges are commonly used for walking on, and that's what they were doing.
"Well, if you were about to walk on someone, wouldn't you meet their acquaintance??"
Flower introduced herself and Dinah and the bridges name was Burrage. They talked with Burrage for awhile then continued walking, (Of course after asking permission to walk over Burrage.)
Soon they came upon a theme park where Flower rode all of the big rides, and Dinah took pictures of all of the people in those giant costumes of popular cartoon characters.
After they're day of fun, Flower called a spaceship to teleport her and Dinah home safely.
And they had many more adventures after that.


The author's comments:
Just kinda felt like writting something strange, hope you liked it!!!

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