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The Story of Beatrice the Bully

November 4, 2009
By Nicolioliolsterz_1 GOLD, Manassas, Virginia
Nicolioliolsterz_1 GOLD, Manassas, Virginia
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It was that fall day when Beatrice Thomas knew that she wasn’t going to be a regular girl any more, she was going to be known as B.B. Here’s how the story goes.

It was a Friday afternoon and like any other new kid at a school she had no friends yet, so she ate lunch by herself, most of the time. But it was only the third week of school and Beatrice couldn’t figure out why she was getting picked on because she had a little muscle. Fifth graders find any thing to pick on someone about she thought to herself. Ever since the third week of school, her nickname was buffy Beatrice. She hated that name so much; she could punch a hole through a wall. But she couldn’t, suspension wasn’t an option. But by the 6th week of school Beatrice was sick and tired of hearing Buffy Beatrice as soon as she walked into school. So she decided to go give a piece of her mind and fist to the person who started it. Lucky for her it was a girl named Lexis who started it so she could fight her if she wanted to. This is exactly what Beatrice said to Lexis “Look, I am sick of hearing Buffy Beatrice every single day I walk in the doors of this school. So here’s what your gonna to do, tell all your little monkey do what Lexis do friends to go tell all there friends and whoever else you told to start calling me that stupid name to quit or their gonna get a face full of my fist. Including you Miss thang.” That’s all it took to get those two girls fighting. And before she knew it, Beatrice was punchin left and right at the bully Lexis (at least that’s what the kids third grade and up say). When the whole thing was over you best believe that Lexis got exactly what she deserved maybe even a little more than what she needed. The other kids there were cheering Beatrice on, but it came with a totally different nickname. B.B. But Beatrice didn’t think anything of it; she thought it was a joke. So she started to laugh at it.

After the fight Lexis went to the nurse’s office and Ms.Martin the principal called Beatrice into her office and said, “What was the problem that caused this fight?” “Well I wouldn’t call it a fight, I would call it a little problem.” “Beatrice, I think I would call this more than a problem. Lexis Jones has a black eye and she has bruises and bumps all over her face. Don’t you think that sounds like more than a problem?” “Well I’m not the one who didn’t know how to fight and besides after this fight I have so many friends I could give some away and still have tons! Isn’t that cool?!” “But Beatrice, doesn’t it seem weird that before you got into a fight with Lexis, the other students would have never even thought about being your friend or even coming to talk to you?” “Not really. I just thought of it as a quick change of mind, a very quick change of mind at that. Come to think of it, after the fight, most of the kids started to call me a nickname.” “Like what Beatrice?” “I think it was B.B. But when I go see Lexis I’ll go and ask the kids that were at lunch what it stands for.” “Not so fast young lady. There are consequences for fighting; you have In School Suspension for two weeks. You are to eat lunch with the detention teacher, extra work, and you are not allowed to do any extra curricular activities, so we won’t have to worry about this happening again with a different student. Do you understand?” “Yeah, sure I understand.” And if you were wondering, yes, your parents will be notified of this little incident. Now you may go”.“Ok by Ms.Martin. I’ll come back and give you the update on B.B.” Yeah, like I’m really going to come tell you my business she thought in her mind.

After that stupid meeting with Vice Principal Martin, I went to the nurses office for a couple of minutes and Lexis looked at me like a bull seeing a red cloth, so I just left and went outside with my class and asked a group called the gossip chicks what they all called me B.B. for. And you won’t believe what one of the girls named Becky told me. “B.B. is you. “Duh, I kinda figured that out when you started calling me it. Now tell me what it stands for already!” “It stands for Beatrice the Bully, and you called me the stupid one.” Oh my gosh, my life is crumbling to pieces as we speak! First of all Ashley, how did I actually get this name?” “ Well, Lexis was the biggest bully in the whole school, so after you knocked her lights out at lunch the title was given to B.B. “Excuse me that’s not my name so don’t call me that. And how come every time I try to talk to somebody they say don’t take my lunch money?” “ Because Lexis was known for threatening people for their lunch money so since you are now the new Bully, people are scared of you instead of Lexis.” “ WHAT? Ok calm down, calm down, I’m not really here I’m having a bad dream, more like a nightmare, somebody pinch me. OW! I guess I’m not having a bad dream. We gotta do something about this and since this group of chicks girls are the only one’s who aren’t scared of me and know that I wouldn’t hurt a fly, yawl are gonna help me figure this situation out. After the conversation with the gossip chicks Beatrice thought in her head: Oh my goodness. Out of anyone in the world, this had to happen to me. I wonder how I’m gonna tell my parents and Ms.Martin that I am officially the biggest bully ever in Frederick’s Elementary school. Don’t even want to think about it. This is too much weight on a fifth graders shoulders any way. I wish Lexis Jones would have just kept her mouth shut and this would have never happened.

“Ok ladies, here’s what were gonna do. Were gonna put up flyers saying Beatrice Thomas doesn’t want to be school bully anymore. Hows that sound?” “From my point of view……….. “Jennifer, noone asked for your point of view, tell me what you think about my plan, NOW.” “Well I think it’s the dumbest plan I’ve ever heard. Their gonna think your tricking them.” “And exactly why would they think that?!” “Because their gonna think it’s a trick to try and sabotage the rest of their school year. If one of the gossip chicks try to go tell them their gonna think were trying to get secrets out of them and gossip about it like we usally do.” “Ok then lets just stay right here until one of us six girls think of a plan for me to not be the school bully, because there has to be a plan we can do out of six people.” After sitting in the library for a good 45 minutes, here are the words of the gossip chicks. “ This is useless, a waste of time, I could be watchin TV right now, I got homework to do, and I need to get some rest.” “Wait a minute. I just thought of the perfect plan. Lets say I go along with the whole bullying idea. All I have to do is act like Lexis for a couple of weeks then I have to pick on someone like Lexis did me and get into a fight.” “But that’s not gonna help anything, said Brittany. All that’s gonna do is get you into even more trouble.” “Not if I let the person getting picked on beat me up and I will get replaced like Lexis got replaced. You get it Brittany?” “Sure do but I don’t want to get in trouble for helping you with this so called plan you thought of, so me and my chicks are gonna have a little meeting for a second.” “After waiting for apparently more than a second, Beatrice decided to say something. “Hey! Are you guys gonna help me with the plan or not?” “Yes we are. But what do we get out of it said the whole group?” “I promise I’ll let you know tomorrow afternoon at 12:30 cause right now we gotta figure out when were gonna start this mission of mine. I figure we can call it “006: the mission of six girls!”

If you were to watch those girls that Saturday you would think they were monkeys fighting over bananas! It was no to this, no to that, I want to do it this way! But at the end of all of the confusion one Ashley had one of the smartest ideas out of everyone all day. “I think we all agree on this, the only way we can make this plan work is if we get information from the one and only Lexis Jones.” “ What do you mean information from Lexis Jones?!, shouted Beatrice” “ I mean we all know that Beatrice is the most harmless girl in school and we don’t know one lick of information on how to be rough and tough. The only person we do know that can teach us how to be lean and mean is Lexis.So why not ask her?” “Why not ask her, why not ask her!!!!! What do you mean why not ask her?! Just yesterday I beat up the bully of the school in front of half of the school and took away her title as the leanest meanest person in the school! Do you actually think she’s gonna want to see me at her doorstep asking her if she can teach me how to be mean? I’m the last person she wants to see right now! “Well if you want to be known as the bully of the school for the rest of the year, it’s fine with me. Huhhhhhh.” “Ok, ok I’ll go. But when are we going?” “Right now, lets go slow poke!” When they arrived at Lexi Jones’ door it was like a horror movie. Beatrice’ heart sounded like the beat of the song off of the movie Jaws when someone’s about to get attacked. When Jennifer rang the doorbell and Lexis answered the door, she was ready to rip Beatrice’ head off. Luckily the group grabbed her before she could get to Beatrice. Lexis was ready to close the door“I can’t believe we went through all of that work

The author's comments:
This story is no where near to being complete but I thought it would be nice to show everyone what I've been working on lately.

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Awesome, very realistic! I can totally see this happening at school.