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All Alone And Loving It MAG

By Anonymous

   Finally, I'm home. It's almost 6: 15 and I have so much stupid homework to do. My legs hurt from practice and I have a headache. Before my parents start asking me how my day was, I think I'll go upstairs to my room.

I run up a flight of stairs, open and close the door to the third floor, and run upstairs to my bedroom. I am greeted by a sweet scent and a feeling of freedom. Since I am the youngest and my brother and sister are away at college, I have the entire floor to myself.

I go into the middle room that's just at the top of the stairs and turn on my stereo. I put in a Steve Miller CD and turn the volume up so loud that the floor begins to vibrate. My parents can never hear how loud I turn my stereo up, so I take advantage of that all the time. I throw my books down somewhere and suddenly I have forgotten about school.

I walk down the entryway to my room, which has black and white tiles I just had put in and enter my bedroom. The white accordion blind is pulled all the way up and it's practically dark outside. The sun is setting and from my window I can see shades of oranges and reds. I pull down the shade and sit on my black and white sheets in the dark. The softness of the sheets relieves me and encourages me to lie down.

Clothes are all over the place - on shelves, on bookcases, and on the floor. I lean down and switch on the lights. They are bulbs that are encased in a brown wicker stand and they blind me as I turn them on, on either side of my bed. I look down at my black and white rug, which is getting dirty, but I like it that way because it's not too clean , lived in, just right.

"Fly Like An Eagle" is booming out of the stereo; Johnny Depp is smiling at me from the poster on my ceiling; no one is bothering me; I have no clue what homework is; and I feel great.

I get up to change my outfit I wore to school and I throw on some really comfortable clothes (boxers and a sweatshirt), and walk into the middle room. The music is really loud, but I love it. It gets me going. I plop down onto my turquoise futon, rub my feet and close my eyes.

My legs don't really hurt anymore, and my headache's gone.n

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i love this !

on Jun. 3 2009 at 12:16 am
MeanMs,Mustard GOLD, Leesburg, Virginia
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Ha, you sound like me, goos old classic rock and Johnny Depp