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Bath Tub Dreams

May 8, 2009
By Jasonmark SILVER, Juneau, Alaska
Jasonmark SILVER, Juneau, Alaska
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In a land that is composed only of dreams sits a child who is creating more. With a toilet paper roll in hand he looks at the vast ocean stored within a bath tub. A pink toy boat soon becomes a massive pirate ship and an epic battle with tooth picks is about to begin. A sister’s Barbie lays on the pirate ship; a damsel that needs to be saved (I hope she is distressed). Cannon shots ring out from the mouth of the child; rocks fly at his blue boat. As the boat starts sinking, the child grabs G.I. Joe. Joe is soon battling waves made by his master’s own hand. Struggling Joe Grabs an invisible rope and begins climbing on the pirate ship. “Help me, save me” Barbie cries, (why is it Barbie can never stay out of trouble?) the only think standing in Joe’s way is Black Beard, a Luke Skywalker look alike with sharpie on his face. With dagger in hand Joe lunges at Black Beard who quickly parries with a blue light saber. “Oh no!” Barbie cries, Joe nearly falls off the deck the only thing holding him is his faithful companion, a rubber duck with a chunk bitten from his tail. “Give up Joe” Black Beard bellows, (monologue begins but this writer chooses to leave out naughty curse words and bad jokes) “never” yells Joe (by now that damsel wouldn’t look so good to me). Then out of no where Joe leaps off of the duck and does several flips that would put any gymnast to shame, and sticks the landing on the deck. Joe kicks Black Beard off the boat and kisses the damsel. A child is heard laughing in the distance.


The author's comments:
This is fiction, but it is how my life would usually go.

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