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The Undecided

April 29, 2009
By iScareBear GOLD, Macomb, Michigan
iScareBear GOLD, Macomb, Michigan
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“Attention everyone! I have an announcement!” the teacher yelled as he got his class’s attention. “We have a new student. Come on in.”

A young brown haired boy strode into the room with his eyes to the floor. I could tell he was nervous. He turned and faced the class, only then looking up. He immediately put his eyes to the floor again.

“Everyone, this is Daniel Easterly.” The teacher paused to look at the class. When he saw an empty seat next to me he pointed to it. “Daniel, you can sit there.” Daniel walked over to the desk and sat down.

“Hi, I’m Momo.” I said, trying to get his attention.

“Momo?” he asked, looking at me questioningly.

“It’s my nickname. My real name is Marissa, but I prefer to be called Momo.” He was just sitting there starring at me. It was kind of funny. “Nice to meet you. I hope we can be friends.”

“Me too.”

“I’ll give you a tour at lunch if you want. You can meet my friends too. I think you’ll like them.”


“… and finally, the lunch room. My table is over there.” I pointed to a table in the back by a window. We walked over to it and I poked one of my friends in the side.


“This is Kisa and that is Kat.” I said laughing at Kisa

“Who might this be Momo?” Kisa asked

“Ya, who’s he?”

“This is Danny, he just moved here.”

“Nice to meet you Danny.” They both chimed in

“Have a seat. You can hang out with us if you want-“

“Why would he do that?” Kisa was cut off by the person I dislike the most in the world, Brittany Wilson.

“What do you want Brittany? I haven’t the patience for you today.” I snapped.

“I came to ask Daniel here why he was hanging out with you losers.” She stated blandly. She turned to Danny. “Daniel, why don’t you come over here with my group? We need to give you the group test anyway.”

“Group test? What’s that?”

“It’s the test that the popular kids make everyone take to see which `group’ you fit into. We don’t listen to that stupid thing though; it’s just a waste of time.” I said as I starred down Brittany. She backed up a step then reached forward, grabbed Danny’s arm and pulled him to her table.

“Ugh! I hate it when she does that!” I screamed

“I know, it’s so annoying! I wish she would just mind her own business.” Kat said angrily

“She is going to end up by herself one day and it is going to be all her fault and exactly what she deserves.” Kisa said glaring at their table

“Hey everyone this is Daniel” Brittany said with a sly smile.

All of the girls at the table looked up while the guys just continued their mindless conversation.

“Hello Daniel” all of the girls said with a thick layer of fake sugary sweetness.

“Uh, hi” I said back, hesitating slightly.

Brittany sat down, flipping her long blond hair over her shoulder. I, not exactly feeling all that comfortable with all of the girl’s shiny eyes starring at me, looked back at the three girls at the table behind me. I was surprised to see Momo just sitting and glaring at Brittany, disgusted, with her arms crossed. Kat seemed to be totally unaffected and just continued to eat while Kisa was starring at Brittany, flames practically shooting out of her eyes. The sound of Brittany’s voice startled me slightly.

“Daniel, don’t worry about those losers. Come and sit, it’s time to tell you about the test,” she said. “The girls and I have decided that we will use what has been named `The Scare Scene’ to see just how much you can handle.”

As she said this she glanced conspiringly at the circle of girls. When she finished, as if on a cue, they all began to giggle slightly. I sat down slowly, unsure of whether I should trust them or not.

“`The Scare Scene?’ Who came up with a stupid name like that?” I asked with a slight attitude.

“That would be me” Brittany said, straightening her back and lifting her chin. She looked at me as if I slapped her.

Loud laughter came from behind us, causing us to turn to see who it was coming from. We were greeted with the sight of Kat giggling, Kisa in full blown laughter, and Momo just starring with a smile of contentment on her face. That really ruffled Brittany’s feathers.

“Anyway,” Brittany said turning back to the table, “since Halloween is coming up I’m having a party. I think that is where the test will take place.”

“Whatever,” I said, uninterested, “ I just think that I should warn you that I don’t scare easily.”

“Well, I guess that will be determined on Saturday.” Brittany said with an all knowing smile plastered on her face.

“Ugh! Can you believe her? Of all the nerve!” I said angrily. “I do have one question though.” I looked away from the mirror to Momo. “If we hate Brittany and she hates us, why are we going to her Halloween party?”

“I thought we were through discussing this Kisa,” Momo said with frustration in her voice, “we are going because Danny asked us to. He said that he had a surprise that we would never forget.”

“In my personal opinion Kisa,” Kat said while she did her makeup, “I think you’re just jealous that Danny invited Momo personally and not you.”

“What! Why would that bother me?” I snapped

“Well it doesn’t exactly take a brain surgeon to see why something like that would bother you.” Kat stated in her intelligent voice, a tone of teasing only just barely creeping into it. “It’s so obvious that you have a wrecking-ball of a crush on him.”

“I do not!” I shouted vehemently, my face bright scarlet from embarrassment.

“Oh come on, it’s so completely written on your face it’s almost impossible to see your eyes.” Momo chimed with a teasing smile and a giggle that seemed to place the perfect ring of truth in what she said.

“You- but-,“ I stammered, “Oh get over yourself! I don’t like Danny so come off it!”

Momo sighed, “The usual denial.” She walked toward me. “Why don’t you just admit it?” Suddenly Momo reached out and poked me in the side.

“Squeak!” I jumped, “Why do you insist on doing that?”

“Because it’s fun.” Momo said, poking me again.

“Squeak!” I backed away

“Okay you two,” Kat said to break up the oncoming tickle-torture battle, “I think we should get going. It’s already after eight.”

“I have been wondering something,” I said looking at Momo and Kisa, “if it was Momo that Danny personally invited and Kisa that has a crush-“

“I do not!” Kisa interrupted

“And Kisa that has a crush on him, why am I here?” I asked the other two

“Because,” Momo began, “you’re the logical one.”

Suddenly, Brittany was standing on a table, calling for attention.

“Quiet,” Momo hushed to Kisa and me, “ this is where it gets fun.”

“Quiet everyone!” I said with my hands up and standing on the table. “It’s time to begin the real party!”

“Why is it just starting now?” said a random voice. “What’s different about this place, it looks the same as it did ten minutes ago.”

“Well for one thing, Danny has arrived!” I said glaring at the free-thinker. “And second, my parents just left and you all know what that means!”

“SCARE SCENE!!!” the crowd shouted in unison.

“You ready Danny?” I said, turning to look at him. He wasn’t there. “Where did Danny go?”

Everyone began to look around but no one could find a trace of Danny.

“That coward! How dare he!” I said, my face burning with frustration. “He is gonna pay for this on Monday!”

Suddenly Momo spoke up.

“Why do we need Danny to make this a party? Let’s have a séance.”

“I guess we could,” I said with a cruel smile, “if you go first.”

“Whatever, I’ll go.” Momo said with annoying confidence.

“Good,” I said, “let me get the candles.”

We were all sitting in a circle in the middle of the séance when the candles went out.

“What the heck!” I said, reaching for the lighter and a candle and wondering why it was so quiet. When there was light again I saw why. I was now alone in the room. “Ha-ha, very funny. Will you all get out here?”

No one came. I decided to search the house. I was on the second floor when I heard a creak from the attic.

“Now I got you.”

I jumped and turned. I knew I had heard the voice from behind me. I even felt the warm breath on the back of my neck.

“Okay, you can come out now.” I said to no one. No response.

Then I felt what was like two icy fingers trailing down my spine. I ran from the room, down the stairs, and out the front door. When I reached the sidewalk I saw four shadows walking towards me.

“Help!” I shouted. “Everyone’s gone and I think a ghost got them!”

The shadows froze in front of me. Then, for no reason at all, began to laugh.

“What’s so funny!” I screamed, “I’m really scared.”

The shadows lifted their hoods and I saw their faces. When I did I felt like sinking into the ground right then and there. It was Danny, Momo, Kat, and Kisa!

“So,” Danny said, “how do you like our version of `The Scare Scene?’”

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