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Radio Active Super Powers

February 17, 2009
By ms00001 PLATINUM, Carrollton, Texas
ms00001 PLATINUM, Carrollton, Texas
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Today was the last college party of my life, it was the most important party before I move into adulthood, get a job, and become married. I had to make a great appearance, as I was the smartest kid in all my classes and everyone thought that education and learning was probably what I live for.

I took all the time I could to get ready. I put on my newest clothes that I bought yesterday. I also wore a bathing suit under my jeans because the party was beach-themed. I wasn’t exactly what you call the life of the party, but people finally started to notice and talk to me. I met new and interesting people, and made friends quickly, I had a great time. Soon the party came to an end, and everyone was heading home.

I grabbed the keys for my car from my pocket, and headed towards the front seats. I inserted the key in the keyhole, turned on the engine, and carefully drove away. Soon I realized that I was stuck between two nuclear-waste-carrying trucks in the wrong lane, and was about to crash. I hit the breaks nervously; hopping the car would come to a complete stop. I could hear the trucks hitting their brakes too, but they weren’t quick enough. The last thing I remembered seeing before I crashed was the blinding headlights coming dangerously close.

I tried to open my eyes and see where I was and what was happening. “He’s awake! I’ll shout him with endorphins!” A doctor-looking guy yelled. “I’ll call up the other doctors,” the nurse replied. Soon the room was filled with people crowding me and examining me. On the back, I saw my mother, father, and sister, all crying, hoping I would turn out fine.

I completely woke up again a while later, my mom was holding my hand, my father was standing beside her, while my sister was still crying. I try to talk, but I couldn’t move my jaw muscles, they were still asleep, so I decided to go back to sleep to. I wasn’t fully asleep yet, and I could here the doctor starting a conversation, “He’s going to be fine, just give him a couple days to rest.”

The last time I woke up I was on a cheap, uncomfortable, hospital bed with doctors crowding me, now I woke up in my old bed that I had ever since I was ten. I remember sleeping in that bed for 8 years. It was pretty comfortable, better than the one I had when I was in college. My room was left intact since I went to college, nothing was moved. The only difference was the pile of dust that had been piled up since then.

I was still in pain from my accident and never remembered eating since then. I started to remember my mom’s cooking. She used to make the best pasta in the world. I pictured this delicious meal in my head. Out of nowhere a plate of pasta landed exactly where I was looking. I pinched myself a couple times to make sure I wasn’t dreaming and tried to taste the pasta to see if it was real. I even looked around to see if anyone was playing an evil trick on me, the room was empty, I was alone. How could such thing have happened? Could I be dying? Was I in heaven? Could I have a super power? Could I have been mutated from the nuclear waste hitting me at my accident? I try to think of my favorite ice cream flavor to see if it would work. As soon as I pictured it in my mind, an exact copy popped up where I was starring. Could I have inherited food vision? This was wonderful! I fought of many different types of food. They popped up one by one as I was thinking of them. Then I thought, wait if I had food vision, I might have other powers! I pictured myself jumping off a jet flying above Mount Everest. Suddenly just like I pictured it I was jumping off a jet on top of Mount Everest. This was amazing. It was the most exiting thing that ever happened in my life! After many hours of playing with my powers, I discovered I could teleport myself to other places, fly, alter time, food vision, and super thinking powers. I could go faster than the speed of light, survive in harsh conditions, explore and learn at a new advance level, all that in a few seconds. It was time to rest because it was late in the night and my powers wore me out.

After a great, peaceful, night, it was finally time to attend my graduation ceremony, but this time, I was going to do everything my way. I went back in time to high school and was determined to fix all my educational mistakes. I redid every test I did not get an A+ on, and every work I made errors. I even redo all the semesters’ exam. Once I was done with that I needed.

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