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First Adventure

April 9, 2008
By Anonymous

This day started out just like any normal day except I discovered my powers the day before and today my head was screaming in pain. I woke up about 7:30 am to smell the scent of bacon being cooked by Bob. As I tasted that magnificent bacon my head started to feel better and I was going to go to work today. As I was getting dressed I could hear the sirens from the police cars which sound was a loud baby cry when he needs his diaper changed. Bob, Fred, and I went to work and were at Dunkin Donuts around 10:00 waiting for a call to come in when he heard the radio saying all available forces report to Government center immediately, this is an emergency. As we arrived there in one second instead of an hour, which it normally takes I saw our arch nemesis, Dirco. Dirco was a quarter Gorilla, Bird, Dragon, and Cheetah. He looked like a harmful, harsh, hard human being. This was my first adventure I received as a superhero as will as Bob and Fred. We had to stop Dirco who was trying to take over a secret document at the Government center right outside Volcano city in a small town called Glacier. If this document is reveled it’s said that it will destroy our whole plant. After I arrived there I saw about half the military there trying to defend the Government center. They were getting destroyed in bunches because Dirco used his super powers of amazing strength, more then mine and ability to become invincible to everyone and everything. All he had to do was become invincible and pick up the people and throw them or kill them. We had to decide quickly what we should do to stop him and then Fred remembered that our weakness is string beans and he has to have one to. Bob remembered in a book we found after we went back to the scene where we obtained our powers, it said that Dirco weakness is our opposite. We kept thinking of an opposite and we concluded it was ice cream. I quickly ran around the world and tried to get as much ice cream as fast as possible. I arrived back in fifteen seconds. We had one million gallons of ice cream. We decided that since Fred can fly he will dump ice cream on him and Bob will breathe fire to expose him. After he was exposed I picked him up and brought him to an empty location where I dumped in a pit of ice cream. When he is dumped his powers will be shut off and he will be captured. The ice cream started devouring Dirco and I couldn’t see him anymore. After Bob and Fred ended meet back up with me, he was gone. I was a mad granny when a little kid would step on her lawn because we had Dirco captured. It seemed that somehow he escaped by using his invincibility on his ship his sidekicks bought him, in the distance I heard Dirco say I will never be defeated. We are going too met again and this time there will be no mercy. The car ride home was ok all over the radio they were talking about how the thundering trio saved the day. We decided to ride home because we were all tired. The kill count by Dirco was up to one hundred thousand so it was a bad and disappointing day considering we only have ten million people on the plant. In addition the military said that next time Dirco comes back we will be prepared. I dozed off for a while and Fred woke me up to listen to the radio. The leader of the Government center was on, he said “The Thundering Trio if your listening please come met me so we can devise a plan to stop Dirco the evil villain.” We thought about not going but we had to because it was for are plant and we know Dirco is going to be back for revenge. When we arrived home, I was dead tried. After I got unchanged and grab a small bite to eat I hit the sack because I had to get up early for work tomorrow.

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