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July 2, 2012
By Kilikilakia2012 GOLD, Gresham, Oregon
Kilikilakia2012 GOLD, Gresham, Oregon
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The knife gleamed as it was held above her body. Her skin shone like the moon in the darkness. It's paleness seemed to have a light of its own; a light that was about to go out, forever. Her eyes were scared, the pale icy blue mixed with the grey in her eyes as her fear spread out from her body. The cold ground bit into her back, crawling in and enveloping her. Her breath was sharp and ragged as she struggled. The cold air whispered across her bare skin like the kiss of a thorn as it pricks you.

Her vision blurred but the knife stayed in full focus, wavering in her sight. It appeared dull, sharp, crooked and straight all at once. The handle was a deep black that seemed to suck in all light, freezing the air around it.

Holding the knife was a strong large hand. It was dark and hot. Heat waves rolled off the hand and around the coldness of the knife. The face connected to the hand was expressionless. The dark green eyes were narrowed and determined. His chest heaved as the heat seethed from his body. His hair was short and damp with sweat. It held itself up, reaching towards the trees above him.

There was a small smile at the edge of his mouth, then the knife came down. She screamed. She could feel the icy cold blade as it cut deep into her, tearing her flesh, pulling it inside her. The blood spilled down the sides of her throat. The knife held still for a moment and her screaming ceased to a whimper. Then it was slowly pulled down her chest, slicing her skin in half. She could feel is grating against her bones, clicking on her ribs. It passed below her ribcage and cut lower and lower. She could no longer scream. her mouth was open wide, her eyes pierced with pain. The knife blade was at her belly button and there it stopped. She could still feel the iciness of the blade even now. Her skin burned where it had touched her, yet it screamed for heat.

She stared into his face. She thought she saw a glimmer of regret, a spark of sympathy. Then it was gone; covered up by a cold hearted hate that burned him. He pulled the knife out slowly, blood spilled from her mouth. She could no longer breath. Her vision blurred and blackness creeped from the edges. Then in one swift movement he stabbed the knife straight into her heart. Blood splattered her face and his. He rose to his feet and walked away. She wanted to call out to him, ask him to wait. But she was already slipping away, unable to do anything except fall away...

The author's comments:
I'm sorry this is a gory piece. I enjoy writing the blood and knife things. Tell me what you think.

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