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The Night Walker

January 8, 2008
By Anonymous

For centuries we have been cursed. Sworn to this god-forsaken realm for the rest of eternity. We stay in the dark, walking amongst you watching, listening, feeding on and raping the innocence. Waiting for our time to emerge from the shadows once again. Quite some time ago I was once the protector of the people that inhabit this planet. Prolonging their existence, the sorry excuses of life we call humans. I’m trapped in this world not meant for me, but for me. Roaming the night stalking you people making sure nothing happens. Prophecy states that in time a great evil will return to upset the balance between good and evil. Man and beast will exchange places in life, beast rule over man. Once the great comet has flown overhead the prophecy will begin to take action. I was chosen to stop this torment from happening. I must once again save this planet from destruction.
I walk these streets alone watching. Making sure the streets stay half way decent. Trying to keep these fools out of trouble. I stop walking for a second and listen for a moment. I could hear the soft footsteps of another, their faint breath. I could smell the leather of his jacket and the rusted blood smell on his gloves. I could feel his eye’s looking upon me. I pretend to pick something up so I wasn’t suspicious then I started walking again. I spotted an old ally way a few feet away. I stepped in front of the ally and walk in backwards. I stood in the middle of the ally listening.
“I know you’re there come out before I come and pull you out”. I couldn’t hear the footsteps anymore. I turned around. “One” Who ever it was, was still hesitant. “Two” I could sense His presence. I drew my sword “Three”.
“Okay, okay, you know Nicholie your one hard vampire to track down”. He utters as he drops from a window seal from up above.
“How do you know me and what is your purpose”. He started creeping closer and closer circling me.
“Are you kidding me, every body knows who you are, how you protect them from us like you’re some kind of savior. You’re pathetic”. I could tell he was here on a mission. He wanted me dead and I could see it; his eyes were full of anger and hatred. He throws his jacket to the ground and drew his sword.
“Have you counted the nights Nicholie? The comet it is coming and Samael will be awakened. We will once again be able to come out of hiding and the entire earth will be covered in shadows again. We will rule this planet. Unfortunately you won’t live long enough to see it. I won’t let you ruin this for us once more”. He charged at me from behind I quickly dropped and the swipe of his sword skimmed my hair. I jumped up before he could get another swing.
“You really think you can kill me all by your lonesome”. He charges me once more and I quickly get behind him. He wiped around and I grabbed him by the face.
“I’m giving you one change to get out of here before you become extinct. I dropped him to his knees. I just sat there for a second. “Now hurry and get out of my sight before I change my mind”. I could sense something was wrong. So I took a few steps back.
“I will kill you Nicholie, if it’s the last thing I do you will beg for your life at my feet”. Right then I knew something big was about to happen. His skin looked like it was getting tighter and tighter. His body started to get bigger and bigger. His skin started to shred all over and he started growing huge and hairy. He stood strait up he was now about 10 feet tall, his body was huge. Mouth full of slobbery teeth, waiting to sink into my throat. 9 inch talons wanting to just ripe me apart, and horns about three feet long.
“Your beast form is quite impressive; to bad this ally is the last place where you spend your last night. Alive”. I started for him as he the same. I dropped down and slide under him. He rotated his body quick and tried to grab my side but just ripped my jacket. His other arm came from the dark and slammed my body in to the concrete over and over. He pinned me down and started looking me in the eye. Shifting towards me getting closer and closer. I try reaching for my sword. I could smell his ranched breath, his hot drool running down my face his claw digging into my shoulder. I finally got a hold of my sword and took a swing and the hand that was holding me down went tumbling toward to the dumpster. He starts screaming, it was an earth shattering scream. I jumped up and grabbed on of his horn and swung around on his back. I took a hold of the other and started pulling down as hard as I could. I finally forced him down to his back. Took my sword and tried to impale him through the mouth. He went to stop my blow, but my blade went through his last hand and forearm and went through his jaw. Once again there was that earth shattering scream. I fell off to the side and lay there. I watch his body start to decompose into thousands ashes and drifted away in the stillness of the night.
My shoulder was bleeding pretty badly. I had already lost bit of blood. I stepped out of the ally way and started down the street. I was kind of dizzy I stumbled up to the grate to the front of a park. I went in side hoping to find some peace and quite. I looked of to the distance and I saw this statue. I was a pretty big statue. Sculpted were two men fighting. They were holding each others hands trying to over power the other. One man was forcing the other to one knee. There was determination in both there faces. I sat down beside the statue and started to gaze at the stars. My shoulder was almost healed, there was still a little bit of blood. And I was still a little pisted about the hole in my jacket. I could tell I was starting to doze off. Until I heard a small scream I ignored the first one. The second one was more of a panicky scream so I staggered up I headed toward the screams. There was a young pretty girl in the middle of a group of guys. They were parading around her. One guy jumped on top of her a pinned her to the ground followed by the rest of the guys. Two guys each grabbed a hand. And the other two each grabbed a foot. The guy on top of her pulled a small switch blade and started at the top and started cutting off the buttons to her blouse and worked his way down. I just sat back and watched for a minute. He started moving his hands down her chest and that about when I stepped in. I grabbed his collar and threw him off of her. The other guys jumped up and attacked me. I grabbed the first guy who jumped up and tossed him at the next guy. Then I grabbed the other two guys and smashed them together. The girl was hiding up the hill behind a tree. I stepped around the trunk of the tree and saw her sitting there curled up like a ball crying. I took off my jacket knelt down and wrapped her up.
“You know you shouldn’t be wondering around alone. It’s dangerous and there are a lot of awful people out”. She slowly lifted her head up and looked at me with two deep blue eyes. I took my finger and wiped the tear running down her soft face. She gave me a small smile. I reached out my hand and she held out hers. I picked her up from the ground.
“Come on I’ll take you home before you get into any more trouble”.
She kind of shrugged her shoulders and looked toward the ground. I ask her what was wrong. She looks back at me and looked in to my eyes.
“I don’t have a home.”

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