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The Battle of Trixel

October 15, 2011
By IRBFGW DIAMOND, Cincinnati, Ohio
IRBFGW DIAMOND, Cincinnati, Ohio
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Leonard Hampton was destined for brilliance as soon as he entered the universe, but he was never to know about his greatness, until the time came. He was assured that.
He was destined once he was conceived by the two greatest rulers Avadaca ever could believe. Salom Grayson Lumon was spawned forth by nothing more than a bolt from Zeus. He was from then on known as Zeus’ Forgotten. He was soon after raised by Louis Tample. Leonard’s mother, however, was a Zunker (a child born directly by humans). These children were of lesser respect then ever wizards born from Procies.
What is a Procies, you ask?
They are not your friends, they are not you enemies. They smile when they see you, but laugh when you’re away. They are not to be trusted, yet they need to be trusted. They have nothing but love for the wizards for what the wizards did for their community. Procies used to be tortured by wizards and the Procies were only too happy to fight back. But sometime in the 1800’s, the wizards and Procies were engaged in a horrible war. They were battling for use of the Tomb of Trixel. Even though Trixel was a treasured wizard (she was, after all, one of Merlin’s daughters) the Procies wanted the Tomb for the same reason the wizard’s probably wanted it, even though they claimed it was for Trixel’s honor. They wanted it because it was said that Trixel’s tomb was said to grant powers no other wizard could ever hope to show. It is said, that lying in her tomb for one night would make a person immortal, even if you are right at the edge of dying. The Battle of Trixie lasted for over fifty years, the tomb being held by a mutual party, who, as it turns out, had been using it nightly. He is still alive although when it was discovered that he was using the tomb, he was banished. He is believed to be living among Zunkers.
Sometime, during this battle, a young Procies name Theodor fell in love with a female warrior named Isilis Valentine. She just happened to be the daughter of the great leader Roderick Valentine, who later ended up discovering an alternative to the magic wand called the Amorica. Theodor was not a particularly handsome Procies, none of them really were with scaly green skin, human like yet sinister facial features, and a short stature, but Prostie’s are notoriously crafty and managed to win Isilis heart. When they were married, the Tomb of Trixel mysteriously disappeared and has not been seen since.
What does this have to do with Leonard? Everything, considering it was a dark Procies named Natsa who murdered Leonard’s parents.

“This isn’t protection!” Professor Louder insisted as she and Louis Tample edged their way to the dark street of Village Drive. “This is murder! Manslaughter! Baby slaughter!”
“I’ve met the family several times and I assure you they are very kind.” Tample responded calmly. He adjusted his glasses carefully as he read the address on the mailbox.
7233 Village Drive.
“This is it.” Tample exclaimed and Louder sighed.
“I’ll take the boy.” Professor Louder pleaded. “He needs protection from a wizarding family. “
“No.” Tample said firmly. “It will traumatize the young boy, to know the responsibility he has as a child. And the fame? We can’t let it go to his head.”
“I’ll protect…”
“Please.” Tample sighed and Louder could see a thin tear creep to the side of his cheek. “It will be enough of a shock when he turns sixteen and goes off to Molem. Why hurt him as a child?”
“I suppose your right.” Louder agreed. “We can’t even visit him?”
“Maggie, are you growing fond of the child?” Tample teased and Louder forced a smile.
“In only a way that a teacher would for a child.” Louder insisted.
“Sixteen years and he will be in your Warrior class.”
“Will he be okay? He will know of no magic.”
“He has powers that you will never be able to understand…and I may not either.” Tample admitted.
“Good bye Leonard.” Tample whispered as he rang the doorbell.
“Good luck.”

“Wake up Leonard!” Aunt Emma called down from the kitchen. “You’re going to be late for school!”
“Leo! Leo!” Leo’s baby cousin, Sally, ran downstairs and started bouncing on his stomach. “You’re going to be late!”
“Get off Sally.” Leo murmured groggily and rubbed his eyes. “You’re going to hurt Leo.”
“Man up!” Sally cried gleefully.
“Okay, okay, I’m up.” Leo sighed and stretched. He slowly stood up and made his way over to the dresser.
“Go away, I have to change.” Leo told Sally and Sally squealed.
“Ew!” She quickly ran out of the room as Leonard laughed. He fished around in his T-shirt drawer and finally pulled out one that said “665: The Devil’s Neighbor” and a pair of jeans. He pulled a skullcap onto his shaggy blonde hair and yanked on a pair of skate sneakers.
“Morning Aunt Emma.” Leo greeted his Aunt as he kissed her on the cheek.
“Morning Leo.” She answered back, not looking away from her cooking. “Could you do me a favor and get Sally breakfast?”
“Why can’t Johnny-“ His aunt pointed at the chair where Johnny usually ate breakfast. “Aw man, he left early again?”
“He has swimming, you know that.” His aunt answered and Leo sighed.
“Hold on, I left my backpack in my room.”
“Hurry up.” His aunt insisted. “You don’t want to be late.”
“Why would I do that to you?” Leo teased his aunt and she rolled her eyes. Laughing, Leo made his way to his room.
Sitting on his bed was the ugliest looking creature he had ever seen in his life, and he had watched several episodes of Jersey Shore.
“Leonard Hampton.” The creature sneered. “I have been waiting for this moment ever since I took care of your disgusting parents.”
Leonard backed up against the wall. “Who are you?” He demanded.
“You truly do not know?” The ugly creature spat on the floor. Leonard backed up in fright. The creature was short in stature but had long, beastly teeth, scaly skin, but the rest completely human features. He was wearing a pair of torn black shorts and no shirt, showing off his thin frame. None the less, he was a frightening combination of lizard and human. “You pathetic creature. I am Natsa.”
“That clears things up.” Leo replied sarcastically.
“You stole my people’s tomb away from me! And now it’s time for my revenge.”
Leo barely had time to think when Natsa lunged for his throat.

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